Taking Road Trips With Children in Seoul

by Domenic Haag Traveller & Explorer

Every chance you get to take young children on a road trip in Seoul should be grabbed and cherished. Travel in Seoul can be one of the best gifts you give to your kids, broadening their perspective on the world-at-large and taking them out of their comfort zones. This contributes to a wiser, more forgiving society overall and allows your children to have open minds and expanded visions. That being said, it is also true that traveling in Seoul in a car with young ones takes some planning in order to make things go smoothly and have the desired outcome. Read on for some very simple tips that can make all the difference in keeping the environment inside the car casual, yet interesting.

Kids will typically become immersed very quickly in projects that require drawing or writing, so bring along a portable desk of some type. It can be one purchased for traveling in a vehicle, or it can easily be fashioned from items you already have at home. A cookie sheet can provide a solid, sturdy and flat surface for drawing and playing board games. It is also easily stowed under seats or tucked away in a suitcase when not in use.

If your kids are too young to trust with digital cameras, buy them each a disposable one that is their own to use as desired. Encourage them to take snapshots of the things that they find interesting, unusual or picturesque. You could learn a lot about your children by what they choose to focus in on, and it can keep them amused for long periods of time. Be sure to develop the film whenever you stop overnight, though, because waiting until the end of the trip to see the images can take away the incentive.

Plan scavenger hunts that last for portions of the road trip. Make sure they have a goal and an end, so that you can start over again with new challenges further down the road. The items to be found can be ones inside the car, but it is usually more fun if they are ones outside, particularly in upcoming towns that you have not gotten to yet. The kids can be told all about the towns you will be passing through, which increases their interaction with the journey and also gives them some education about people and places that they would not ordinarily think of. Tell them interesting historical things, such as what the town was like during earlier time periods. If there is Native American history, tell them about the tribes and what their life used to be like. If there are large minority groups, tell your kids how they came to be there and what their native countries were like. Make the scavenger hunts include items that they can easily find when you stop, such as common flowers or drinking straws at a roadside store.

Keep things simple and give the kids a break from things like video games and electronic toys that make them disconnect from each other and from the new environments they are being exposed to. Road trips are all about experiencing new cultures and spending time together. Be brave and make a "no electronics" rule for the journey. They will complain at first, but keep a cheerful attitude and allow them to adjust without getting angry with them. You will very likely see them emerge with a greater appreciation for each other and for the world at large.

Take the time to consider these things, as well as other ideas, before embarking on a road trip with young children. It can be a fantastic experience for everyone with just a little creative thinking and a lot of patience.

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