Surrogacy Complexities and their Solutions

by Shivani Sachdev Founder & Director

Surrogacy is a method of fulfilling the dreams of the couple, who cannot conceive naturally but want their genetic child. Surrogacy is a bit complex process as compared to any other infertility treatment as it involves two parties committing upon a legal document. Surrogacy is a long process, having different phases from doctor’s consultation to child’s birth.

  1. Searching for the best surrogacy expert and clinic

The whole process starts with consulting a surrogacy expert and treatment undergoes under the supervision of medical staff. A good surrogacy clinic guides patients throughout the process such as counseling to the intended parents, best physical treatment, financial counseling, and after-care. But it is really complicated to search and choose the best clinic for the entire process.


  • Solution: This issue can be solved by a little more research such as the success rate of the clinic, the experience of the doctor, finance suitability, and so on. The success rate of SCI IVF Hospital – a low cost surrogacy clinic in Delhi provides a high success rate of surrogacy treatment.


  1. Searching for a Surrogate Mother

In surrogacy, a surrogate mother delivers the baby on the behalf of the intended parents. She carries the baby for the next 9 months after the conception. The complexity in this process is, to find a physically fit surrogate who can deliver the baby and matching her expectations with the intended parent’s requirements. Also, this can be a time-consuming process.

  • Solution: Hire a surrogate agency, which shortlists professional and physically fit surrogates for you.


  1. Legal Complexity

In the surrogacy process, a legal contract is to be signed by both parties. The contract clearly defines the financial aspects and surrogate and intended parent’s responsibilities in the whole process. It also terminates any right of the surrogate on the baby to be delivered. This is also a tedious task as across the world the laws around surrogacy are complex and change frequently.

  • Solution: Hiring a legal expert in surrogacy is the best way to ease out this complexity. Also, it is good to work with the legal expert to include any clause that you want to get added while creating the document.


  1. Social Acceptance

Although the intended parents are determinant for the whole process they do not get acceptance from society or sometimes from their own families. It is also not considered ethically correct in some societies and religions.

  • Solution: Before seeking anyone else’s acceptance, be confident, and stick to your own decision.


  1. Emotional Complexities

The couple who opted for this process must be emotionally strong. There are lots of emotional ups and downs during the whole process. Most of the time the intended mother feels fear of missing out as she is not carrying the child herself. The intended parents also may feel less emotionally connected to the child.

  • Solution: To curb this complexity, an intended mother can build a friendly bond with the surrogate mother to get information about each activity during the child’s development in the womb. Good counseling, emotional support from a partner, and a connection-building workshop with the child may also help.

For further information on surrogacy treatment, consult Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour – the best surrogacy doctor in Delhi.

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