Sugar Processing Equipment – Important Details

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A sugar cane mill generally refers to a factory that can process sugar cane for producing raw or white sugar. It also means the piece of equipment that can crush the sticks of cane, in order to extract the juice.

Here are numerous steps of producing raw sugar from cane.

·         Cane receiving and also uploading.

·         Cane preparation

·         Juice extraction

·         Juice clarification

·         Juice evaporation

·         Syrup clarification 

·         Crystallization

·         Centrifugation

·         Sugar drying

·         Packaging and delivery

The process steps will then definitely churn out a brown or raw sugar. Mill white productis also termed as plantation white sugar can be easily produced by introducing some form of colour removal process between the juice clarification and also evaporation stages mentioned before. There are several processing equipment used for the complete process of producing sugar. The raw item churned out is quite often for producing white such product. Such item refining can be indeed performed either at a completely separate factory or also at a back-end refinery that is attached to the raw sugar factory.

Juice extraction

Here are two important process of juice extraction with help of sugar processing equipment.

Milling – Juice extraction by milling is an important process of squeezing the juice from the cane under a complete set mills with use of high pressure between heavy iron rollers. Those important mills can definitely have from 3 up to 6 rolls, every set of mills are then called tandem mill or mill train. For improving the milling extraction imbibition water, efficient is added complete at every mill. The juice is then squeezed from this cane is then low in sugar concentration and is then pumped to the preceding mill and poured onto the cane only before it enters the rollers.   

Diffusion - Sugarcane diffusion is said to be an important process of extracting the complete sucrose from the cane using imbibtion but even without squeezing by mills. Stranded crane is then introduced into the great diffuser at the feed end. Hot water is then poured over the shredded crane only before the discharge end of the diffuser. The hot water then percolates through the bed of cane and then removes sucrose from this cane.

Crystallization and Centrifuging – This syrup is then concentrated under a complete vacuum boiling under a complete vacuum pan as seed crystals around that sucrose is then deposited and also these crystals then grow in size until they are ready to be discharged. Those of boiling schemes are possible, the most frequently used boiling scheme is the three-boiling scheme.

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