Storing Your Vehicle for Long-Term? Know the Risks and Maintenance Tips

by Imperial Storage U Own Condominium Storage Units

Not every vehicle is used by people for daily commuting. Keeping your classic car for the long term due to extended vacations, business trips or any other reason can be risky. Instead of leaving your recreational vehicle unprotected at home, consider storing it at RV and boat storage garage in Boulder to protect it from extreme weather conditions, burglars, and other harmful elements.


No matter why you want to store your classic car, what matters is to know how long you can leave it without driving. Getting classic car storage for sale in Denver and simply parking your vehicle in it for long-term can cause damage to your car in certain ways.


        Flat Tires - Flat spots on the tires of an unused car is a common problem. The car weight on tires for an extended period turns them flat on one side.

        Fuel Tank Rust - Moisture will appear on metal and upholstery that condensate inside fuel tanks. Unprotected metal will rust, and mold will begin to grow.

        Battery Drainage - Long-term car storage without maintenance can drain its battery. Your car battery can die due to parasitic draining.

        Brake Pads Seizing - Due to engaged handbrake, the brake pads can seize to the discs against the rotors.


It is a good idea to prepare your car for storage and perform regular maintenance. Moreover, take your car down the road at least once a month to keep tires, battery, fuel tank, brake pads, and everything else in good condition. 

Maintenance Tips of Car & ATV Storage in Broomfield

Whether you own a classic car or any other valuable vehicle, you need to take extra care and perform regular maintenance to preserve it. Take these precautions on storing your classic car properly for several months. 

        Clean Your Car - Wash and wax the outside of your car from top to bottom, and clean and vacuum the inside before storing it.  

        Protect Your Engine - Change your car oil and then top off your vehicle’s fluids including gas and coolant. Add fuel stabilizer to prevent the fuel line corrosion.

        Protect the Battery - Disconnect the car battery to prevent acid leakage or use a trickle charger if you want to keep the battery charged.

        Inflate the Tires - The tires of the unused car slowly lose pressure. So, inflate your tires to recommended air pressure. You can also put jacks under the tires to prevent them from getting flat spots.

Get high-quality, secured and luxury classic car storage for sale in Denver from reliable storage facility like Imperial Storage U Own and use these tips to avoid risks and prepare your valuable vehicle for safe storage.

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