Steps to Ensure Safety While Joining Back Office during the Pandemic

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Going to work after being home locked for nearly 2 months doesn’t seem so bad. Except for the fact that the rising cases of COVID-19 have clouded all the joys!  It’s understood that leaving the safety of your home is a tough choice when the pandemic is still at large. On the bright side, most companies are asking their employees to continue work from home till it all ends so less traffic and relatively less populated office spaces can be expected.

While your office must already be taking all the precautionary measures to ensure the safety of all its employees, make sure that you are doing your part by adhering to the rules. It must be your top priority to look out for yourself and others, even more than your work by incorporating a few changes in your work routine. After all, it takes teamwork to keep the virus at bay. Below-mentioned are some steps to take in this regard:

Don’t Leave Home Without Safety Gears By Your Side:

Let’s face it; COVID-19 has brought humongous changes not just in the way you live but also the way you dress up.

·   Masks and gloves are the latest additions to your wardrobe that must be worn at all times. There has been a surge in the variety of masks sold in the market- all in different colors and materials.

·   If you wear contact lenses, switch to glasses to avoid touching your eyes.

·  Ensure you carry a hand sanitizer with you wherever you go-not just your office.

·  Wear covered clothes to prevent your skin from coming in direct contact with the contaminated surfaces.

·   Carry your own bottle and cutlery instead of using the office one.

·   Finally, keep your hair tied at the back.

Travelling to Work:

Travelling from home to your Office space and back isn’t as scary as it sounds, given you maintain social distancing and take all the necessary precautions.

· Make sure to download the Aarogya Setu App and take the health survey frequently.

· Drive to work in your own vehicle. Make sure to sanitize your driving wheel and door latches regularly. If that’s not possible, opt for a personal cab from operators such as Uber or Ola that are operating with upgraded safety measures.

· Avoid crowded public transport such as carpools or buses. Opt to use e-payment to minimize transmission.

· Use your elbows or shoulders to push doors open. Keep using sanitizer each time you touch a hard surface.

Maintaining Safety at Work:

It’s important to consider everyone as a suspect in the COVID-19 world. Maintaining safety at work is an important part of resuming office life. If at any point you feel your safety getting endangered at office space due to violation of social distancing rules by an employee, inform the administration immediately.

· Keep your mask on all the time and refrain from touching your face or hair

· Maintain a distance of 6 feet from others. Avoid hugs, handshakes and stick to hi or the good old Namaste.

· Use the stairs whenever possible. When using a lift, make sure there are not many people inside and keep a toothpick handy for pushing the buttons. Discard it after use.

· If you must use office utilities such as coffee machine or printer, make sure to properly sanitize your hands before and after use.

· Wash your hands every time you touch frequent touch points such as door handles or railings.

· Avoid having food in the cafeteria. Have it on your workstation instead. 

· If a co-worker is not feeling well, inform the administration and ask him/her to go back home.

Post-Work Protocol:

While it is crucial to follow safety measures at work, it is equally important to eliminate any risk of transmission while returning back home.

· Try to avoid rush hours in lifts or roads, even if that means leaving the office early.

· Wash your hands and arms thoroughly as soon as you reach home or take a bath if possible. Change your clothes and put your garments in a laundry basket.

· The washroom is the first place to visit after you return back and before you enter your room.

· Wash your mask as well and hang it to dry.

Even if you are not exhibiting any other COVID-19 symptom, it’s advisable to stay home when feeling unwell to ensure your safety as well as the safety of your co-workers.

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