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Android is an operating system based on the Linux kernel Android is not a phone nor is it an application and the most simplistic way I can say this in regards to a phone an operating system is where all your phone functions live your calls your taxes your applications anything that you input onto your device is going into the operating system the operating system is processing information and putting it into a readable format.

Android is the most prominent device available because it have a power of a deck of a laptop club into your portability available in your hand.

If I ask you a simple question what is Android what will be you answer some would say its mobile operating system & some say its UI some there’s and middleware some say it is an application so Android is the combination of all these things put together these here stand for AB Operating system a middleware and some applications operating system we are very well aware of what operating system actually is , Middleware is some set of libraries written together that helps or that make it easier for the developer to work on it there are glue between the kernel and applications that enhances and ease the ease of work for a developer so an Android is a combination of operating system the middleware and some key application. So there is a word Key Application, so basically Key Application is are nothing but the applications that are inbuilt in our operating system like for example phone SMS logs camera Gmail things that are already available onto a prebuilt operating system I have known as key application then the next point is fully customizable Linux kernel we have been using this term for quite some time now. Android is based on Linux what you mean by based on Linux we actually defined the Android OS based on a Kernel which is a Linux kernel.

There are Android Feature in the market, Android is open Source we all know it is available free and it is available openly to the manufactures customize it and use it according to their own needs other than this there are no fixed software or hardware specification or configuration mentioned in Android that makes it you know more customizable and even more better now feature that are in building ANDROID ARE AS FOLLOWS:

DATA STORAGE: Android is supporting major storage things the relational database that is most reliable data base it supported by Android using a SQLite as SQLite is a very lightweight little data base which is available in Android and it’s an inbuilt one

CONNECTIVITY: Android support all the possible network protocols available that would be GSM edge CDMA that will be 2G 3G or 4H other than this android also supports Bluetooth and WIFI and also NFC near field communication so this it is having a support for both SMS and MMS protocol.

MESSAGING: These help to stay connected with your loved ones even when you are not able to take the calls.

WEB BROWSER: Android Web browser is based on the open source chrome’s V8 JAVA Script engine which makes it compatible with all the available browser version as for the desktop so no limitation but a portable handset in your hand which is available for all the things that can do available with you.


If we talk about the Android Online Courses in Android There are various Training Institute who Provide Online Courses in Multiple IT Fields. IT sector is the most trending sector in today’s market. Some of training institute provide lots of benefit including courses materials. Online Training is the best medium of training. There are many good institutes in India which provide very good services. I would like to recommend you must visit CETPA InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. I have also done some fruitful courses from there.

CETPA InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best IT online training institute which is also certified by ISO 9001:2015 is Northern India's best IT training institute which offers android online training in many evergreen technologies for candidates. CETPA Boost candidates’ career in field of technology proficiency by creating a comprehensive online training plan with live and online courses/ materials from the Android education. In last 17+ years CETPA InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. has emerged or served as a well-known brand for engineering student's community to satisfy candidates and their technology learning.

In Android CETPA provide so many professional courses which you learn and it also help you to make your career better and professional. Some courses offers by CETPA:

  • JAVA


If we are talking about the job trends in Android in the market for this role of Android Developer, the demand has been increasing from a past few years. Android Market growth in terms of numbers of installation. There are so many applications in the market right now which currently works on Android so Android is gradually increasing exponentially. Android is also predicted to draw around 100 billion USD by 2020. You can see the growth of Android is going to be peak by 2020 also the global mobile application development market is likely to expand at the rate of 14% CAGR during the forecast period of 2016 to 2019 going to the entire market of smartphones asserts mobile market research feature and so on. So you can move your career in Android Development because Android Development has become most popular and interesting career option among youth. Everyday more than million new Android devices are activated world rights.

Android is developed by the open handset alliance led by Google and other companies starting career in Android become easy now there is a lot of content available online to start learning android for every level of expertise.


Android development can be done on Mac windows PC or Linux computer you will also need an Android Device. Android Development is need a tool which is JAVA the most basic building block of android. Android development is a programming language JAVA to be as useful Android developer you need to be a comfortable in JAVA, SQL also need to learn SQL.

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