Spring Time Driving Tips- Opinions From A Driving School Instructor

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Spring is here. You seem to have nearly waited for months for spring to arrive and now that you have joined driving classes, the instructors will teach you how to be prepared for a spring time journey, as you take charge of the steering wheel. Spring days are longer and they are full of blooms and sunshine. With the frost leaving and everything starting to feel a lot more refreshing and newer, you surely are charged for your driving classes. In the following lines we are about to discuss the safety tips to ensure spring driving turns out worthwhile for you:

What to look out for as you get ready for the drive

There are a lot of things that show up as winter leaves the country. Spring time is when you need to handle some stuffs as mentioned here:

Watch out for ice

Although the country is known for its semi-arid climate, there are still parts where the colder months leave trails of snow and frost. If you reside somewhere around Victoria, chances are the region has faced heavy frost and snow throughout the season and since spring is stepping in drivers especially beginners ought to be careful about ice. There is no guarantee if the ice has completely melted. That’s why we will recommend you keep your eyes on the road and watch out for ice. Drive slowly if the roads appear wet.

Watch out for sand or road salt

Now, again if you live in Victoria or adjacent areas watch out for road salts or sand that you have to combat as a beginner while running your vehicle on the road. Even though the snow may have melted there is no guarantee that the roads are free of salt and sand which make traction very difficult.

Driving in rain

If you are living in arid or semi-arid zones, you should be familiar with spring rains which of course is a sign that everything is growing back; but for beginners these rainstorms or showers may lead to trickier driving situations. Did the driving school in Toongabbbie tell you how risky it is to drive when it is raining? Not only must you drive really slowly but at the same time must also pay attention to other vehicles approaching and those in front of you. We are sure your driving school instructor will teach you how to drive when its raining or have rained at a particular place. Even little rain can make it difficult for you to drive the car and create quite a slippery condition for you.

Steer clear of hailstorms

What did the weather reports tell you? Did you know it could be extremely dangerous to drive in hailstorms? Its because you have to be careful of not just the drenched roads but keep an eye on what’s coming at you- ice. If you ask us or any instructor from a driving school in Stanhope Gardens, we will suggest you avoid driving; but if you are already on the road, just try to pull over and get your shelter and wait till the hail goes away.

Avoid any flooding

Spring time is also when it down pours heavily. So, if you are heading somewhere and you happen to be a beginner, make sure you are avoiding routes which you have heard of, getting flooded during the season. Standing water can turn out extremely dangerous and are known to have undercurrent as well. Be wary.

Get prepared for potholes

Salt, heavy snow, hail and flooding! Up next is a pothole. What must you do? The best thing to do is to avoid the potholes. Slow down and avoid the potholes.

These are some ways you can prepare for a spring time ride.

Author-bio: the author runs a driving school in Stanhope Gardens. In recent times the author has been shedding light into key aspects concerning the subject. 

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