Some Wood Floor Repair Sherman Oaks You Need To Know About

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Hardwood floors are a quintessential class act when it comes to decorating the interiors. But they come at a cost, and that cost is wear and tear. Whether it's from scratches, shoes, furniture and more, the reality of hardwood is that it degrades.

But with a little care and of course some wood floor repair Sherman Oaks you can restore the shine and glamor as new.

You must know that hardwood floors can be repaired easily by flooring experts. Even though you can DIY, this isn’t recommended as you won’t get the best result.

Some Wood Floor Repairs To Know


Sanding is usually the first step before making another deeper repair or refinishing the wood floor, but it deserves to be mentioned.

Using a belt sander with lightweight sandpaper, you can actually remove deeper scratches along with the grain of the wood.

Word of caution: ensure the expert you hire knows how to sand safely before starting with the wood floor repair Sherman Oaks. There’s a process to this, and if they make missteps, the damages can cost more than sanding is worth.

Wood Filler

At times, a small ding or even a minor scratch isn’t worth spending time and effort of taking to your floor with the full-sized sander.

Whether it’s small holes from nails and furniture corners or large dings from pet claws, the wood filler goes a really long way.

Depending on the damage, you may need to combine the filler with further sanding or even board replacement. Overall, though, this is a surprisingly versatile repair option well worth investing.

Water Damage: Dehumidifying

In case of a leak or extensive water damage, the best option is to just do everything you can to dry the floor out as much as possible.

Once it’s dried up, you’ll be able to make an assessment on the wood floor repair Sherman Oaks and not replace it. Now, hiring the most experienced professional is needed since he knows how to repair the floor better than you.

Split Or Cracked Wood

Over the years, many hardwood floors develop some small cracks and split on the surface of the wood. These can be spot repaired with some angled nails to secure the two pieces together, along with wood to hide the blemishes.

If the wood floor is suffering from cracks, you might want to think about refinishing the floor. And if the split is particularly bad, you must replace it altogether.

Cupped Floors

Cupped floors, also called wash boarding, develop gradually across the width of the wood strip where the edges of the hardwood planks raise up and the center of the board sinks down.

The cause of cupped floors is a moisture imbalance where there is more water on the bottom side of the wood plank than on the top.

The only cure is to balance the humidity levels in the home. Apart from that, it also gives surface time to return back to normal.

Once the floor gets stabilized, you can have professional sand it flat and re-finish it perfectly.

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