Some Simple Logo Designs Trend Which Can Speak A Volume For Your Brand!

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Most of the time when people think about simple design, they conveniently take it to be a minimalist design inspired from 60s and 70s. The aesthetics from the era cannot be forgone in any way. By “simple” it covers a broad spectrum of design apart from minimalism alone. A simple logo design may revolve around a pared down design, clean and clear typography and a basic concept.

Designers from logo designs india agencies suggest that simple logo designs should not be underestimated in any way. It is often the most impactful choices as compared to complex design elements because they can clearly communicate the message you want to send to your customers. Simple logo design may appear to be developed from basic concepts, however, there are multiple ways simple logo design can be created.

In this post we have compiled some of the points that can help you designing a simple logo for your brand and with the help of example, you can get ample amount of inspiration.

  • Simple Typographic logo

If you ignore symbols and icons, then typographic logos are simply the best to look for. Heading towards this simple logo type can help in gaining the needed attention for the certain aspects of logo design. Let us take the example of the Lux logo which easily attracts the attention by its amazing balance of straight lines and curved lines within typographic characters.

T-shirt design services providers suggest that simple typography logos can be really beneficial for businesses whose brand lend itself to form, shapes and arts. These kind of logo designs are highly attractive when used in various merchandise of brand for brand promotion such as in tshirts, business cards etc.

Simple logo with its minimalistic design element allow other aspect of the logo to shine and come out.

For example, in the Fertila logo, it uses a basic modern sans serif typeface without any elaboration. This kind of treatment of the logo design creates space for soft blue colour which defines the brand easily. In other words, if you choose to that the colour of your logo should represent the brand value then this is the ultimate way to do it.

  • Simple line drawings  

Another interesting way of going ahead of simple logo design is line drawing. Lines are the basis of typography, drawings and illustrations. The nature of these can be implemented to basic ideas of logo design. If you think you want to capture a concept that typography cannot alone handle, then this is the right way to begin. Experts also suggest that using simple lines in logo design can help to reduce the complexity of the design and make it more comprehensive.

  • Simple illustrated logo

Illustration is a design element which can be understood as a step further than line drawing in which they incorporate colours and fills. Despite having additional design elements, illustration can also be really simple. For example, in the BearBull logo a nice amount of negative space with minimum amount of colour fill is used which makes the logo design really interesting. Similarly in the logo design of Learner Lab, we can see a simple illustration of a cute scene which features a staircase leading to books.

  • Simple geometric logo  

Fashion logo designers from various fields such as jewellery clothing etc , use simple geometry in their logo designs that can be easily manifested by typography, line drawing, illustrations, or combination of these elements. The simplicity of geometric designs comes from its mathematical resolutions. Geometric shapes are meant to hit to strike a sense of clarity through the connection of points, curves and completion of shapes.

For example, in 3 seeds logo design, company very effectively use its logo itself in simple and pure ingredient, rendering 3 seeds with geometric shapes is a smart and an effective design choices.

  • Simple logo concepts

The simplicity of logo design does not entirely rely on the execution of logo design. It originates from the logo concepts itself. For example, in the logo of Feel Good, they project the smiling soccer ball which depicts the clear idea of the joy of playing soccer.

In other words, sometimes we all need an effective logo that focuses on the simple concepts.


In this complex world, it is a simple logo that gives your logo idea a load of important impact. A real simple logo design is the one which speaks a lot about the brand in a little amount of design.

If you are interested in creating a logo design which speaks volume, consider creating it in a simple logo design format.

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