Some Powerful, Positive, Motivational Depression Quotes and saying

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A lot of times you are going through a bout of depression and there’s so many people around you with no idea how to help. Maybe they don’t even understand what you are going through. In fact, there’s a high chance that they would only make things worse by trying to help. They simply don’t get it.
To help let you understand that you are not alone, below is our collection of inspirational, wise, and insightful Depression Quotesdepression sayings, and Depressed quotes, collected from a mixture of sources over the years.
This is why you should give them a chance to see inside your mind. Letting people in might be a tough on but you should at least try.
This quotes are perfect ways to share your feelings without getting into long boring confessions:
#1: No one wishes to have dark days, sleepless nights, grumpy mornings and this endless dark tunnel with no sign that it ever ends. Depression is not a choice.#2: If the silence does not kill you, the way people assume all is well without asking to find out would. Depression is not about having no friends, it’s about having friends that don’t care.
#3: Some days are just like volcanoes, your throat burns, your eyes sting, you feel like throwing up, you scream into a pillow. Other days you can feel the cold hands of death and horrible isolation.
#4: Being with a crowd does not stop you from being depressed. in actual fact, it’s the idea that so many people exist who really don’t know what you are going through that keeps you depressed.
#5: Depression is not some passing cold, nausea or food deprivation, stop trivializing it with your ignorant comments asking me to get over it. I’m not heartbroken.
#6: The most insensitive people are those who think you are just depressed because you lack faith, not every problem can be explained away by your religious expectations.
#7: Getting your act together is not something you can achieve because some selfish individual keeps yelling that into your ears. Sometimes all you need is for people to allow you cry, and act crazy in your own space.
#8: No one goes about with a “I am depressed” sign on their forehead, you just need to be sensitive to the fact the world is too messed up for you to assume everyone around you is fine.
Depression Quotes & Sayings
#9: Don’t jump to conclusions, not everyone suffering depression suffered some tragic loss or got raped at birth. Life is enough on it’s own, it’s enough tragedy that you need to wake up everyday.
#10: Being depressed is not because I have nothing great going on in my life. In fact, the job is dope, the pay is super, my girlfriend is awesome. I just have those days when life seems so pointless.
#11: Some days, I don’t even know what time it is, which century I am in, where I come from, or any other thing. Life suddenly becomes mostly a blur of sad dark feelings with nothing to live for.
#12: Depression is so much misunderstood and still so powerful. If you asked me what I was feeling, I would tell you I actually feel absolutely nothing, I try so hard to feel something but nothing works.
#13: Let’s say you were falling down a bottomless dark well and you had people patting you on the back, shaking hands with you, telling you how beautiful the day is, that’s a little picture of depression.
#14: Love conquers all things except the fact that depression is not a thing, it’s a living force that consumes everything in it’s path, it takes no prisoners.
#15: I’ve seen perfectly normal looking people give up on life, everyone starts to say how they were so full of life as if depression is some virus that should make you look like you’ll be dead in a jiffy.
#16: Depression is not gender specific, so when you tell me to man up, I just wonder which year in the stone age you crawled out from. A little reading would have helped you.
Best Quotes and Sayings About Depression
#17: Blaming myself for all the things going wrong in my life and the world in general is just the early stages, I soon graduate into thinking I deserve nothing more than cold silent isolation and death.
#18: When people talk about hope, I only imagine a time when I would be able to get out of my bed without thinking I am the worst thing that has ever happened to humanity.
#19: Being depressed is not about how many times you have failed, it’s about so many successes that go totally unrecognized by your subconscious, none of them matters to you.
#20: Sometimes you realize being alone to wallow in your dark thoughts would have been better than the crowd of people who keep reminding you how much they expect of you.
#21: I don’t need you to remind me how much high hopes you have for me, It only adds so much pressure that I fear I would rather just hide away till you forget I exist. Stop expecting so much!
#22: Telling me to talk to someone is not going to help when all I want to do is just keep quiet forever until I am nothing but a fragment of memory, some shade of history no one talks about.
#23: We can only get treated for the other things that comes with depression, the fear and apathy to life does not go away with the drugs, you just have to understand this.
#24: Everyone keeps telling me how good my life is and why I shouldn’t always look like I have so much problems but I don’t have so much problems, just one. I feel like jumping out my window, that’s all the problem one needs.
#25: Sad people are not the same with those of us who just don’t know why we steadily want to just end it all. Stop saying I should go watch a movie, I’m not angry at anyone either.

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