Some of the Funny Words in English with their Meaning

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In one Amitabh Bachchan film there is a dialogue that ‘English is a very funny language’ and this is certainly true of many funny words in English which will make you roll over heads to heals with their funny pronunciations and absurd meanings.


These are some funny words in the English language: -


·         ALLEGATOR- someone who makes an allegation: -

This word is very funny as it sounds like alligator but is actually alligator- a person who makes an allegation. Imagine someone saying that the alligator wanted to eat me alive in court. How funny this sounds.


·         BROUHAHA- An uproar: -

Another very funny word in the English language is Brouhaha. The very pronunciation makes you laugh out loud. It basically means uproar, but imagine a sentence like ‘There was a huge brouhaha over the new amendment bill in parliament’. Really funny isn’t it.


·         BUMBERSHOOT- An Umbrella: -

This word is funny as it sounds like bumbershoot, like a bomb which shoots. Imagine a sentence like the bumbershoot refused to open and got stuck in the handle.


·         COCKAMAMIE- Absurd, Outlandish: -

Cockamamie is really funny and it means absurd, and I must say the very word sounds absurd.

Imagine a sentence like his appeal was cockamamie meaning his appeal was absurd. This makes it really funny.


·         DOOZY- Something really great: -

The word doozy means something really great but it sounds like dozing which means falling to sleep while sitting. Thus this similarity with dozing makes this word very very funny.


·         FARD- Face paint: -

This word sounds like fart and thus it makes the pronunciation funny. Kit actually means face paint but sounds nothing like it.


·         FOLDEROL- Nonsense: -

This word folderol means nonsense. Imagine this sentence ‘His speech was folderol’. Really very funny.

Thus you can really have fun with the English language as there are many funny sounding words which make the language fun and entertaining, at times also utterly absurd or as they say COCKAMAMIE.


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