Some Frequently Asked Questions On Gallbladder Surgery

by Ankita Srivastav Health Advisior & Consultant

Removing gallbladder due to gallstones is a very common thing nowadays. Doctors tend to remove the gallbladder altogether so that the recurrence of gallstones doesn’t occur. It has also become a very easy process with the help of Laparoscopic gallbladder surgery. But yet people who are about to go through this surgery tend to have a lot of queries. We are going to answer some of those queries that are frequently asked by them.

Why is it necessary to remove the gallbladder and not just the gallstones?

In most cases, doctors recommend their patients in removing the gallbladder. As gallstones do not have many telling symptoms, a lot of times it is detected when the stones have gotten a lot bigger, and surgery is the only way to treat them. But also, there is a risk of the recurrence of the gallstones. So it is better to remove the whole gallbladder so that they don’t come back.

What different types of treatments are there for gallstones?

There are three different types of treatment. If you do not want to remove your gallbladder or they have been detected by chance at an early stage, then medication can help break down the gallstones. But they tend to take a lot of time. Another way is shock wave therapy. This also helps break down the stones into very small pieces. But both of these treatments are not full proof as the stones can form again when you stop the medications, which is why the third type of treatment is widely used. The gallbladder surgery not only removes the stones but also guarantees that they won’t come back.

Can you pass gallstones on your own from your system?

If stones are small enough, they may exit the gallbladder, pass through the bile ducts, into the intestine, and then pass out. When gallstones get stuck in the gallbladder or bile ducts, they can cause pain, obstructions, and infections.

Do gallstones cause infection if left untreated?

If they are left untreated, then several complications may arise:
One is acute cholecystitis. When a stone blocks a bile duct, it can lead to a build-up of bile in the gallbladder. This can result in infection and inflammation. If A gallstone blocks the opening of the pancreas, causing inflammation ti can cause pancreatitis. The most common is Jaundice which occurs if a stone passes out of the gallbladder and into a bile duct, and block the flow of bile.

How much time does it take to recover from the gallbladder surgery?

Nowadays, doctors perform laparoscopic gallbladder surgery, which is minimally invasive, and thus takes only a week to recover fully. Unless there are any other complications, you can come back from the hospital within two days and then take rest only for 4-5 days.

What kind of restrictions are there, after the gallbladder surgery?

There are not many restrictions post-surgery, but even then, you should take much-needed rest after the surgery and also eat carefully. Try and avoid any processed and refined food at least until you have recovered fully. Also, drink lots of fluids.

Hopefully, some of your questions have been answered. But if you still have any other questions follow up with your doctor.

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