Some Facts About Bed Bugs That You Need To Know

by Austin Baines Content Writer

The bugs are tough creatures, and are capable of traveling with their human hosts over great distances. Populations of the bugs will proliferate over great distances as human beings travel via ever faster means, by trains, boats, and intercontinental jet flights. This means that the bed bug epidemic threatens people all over the world. These creatures can also travel by attaching onto items like furniture or clothing which is later brought into the home. They can also migrate short distances, so if a person living near you is dealing with an infestation, you can expect your space to be invaded soon as well. Wild animals can also carry the bugs, which will be deposited should the creature wander onto your property.

Some Facts About Bed Bugs That You Need To Know

  1. Bed bugs have an average life expectancy of a month. This is about how much time they need to reproduce and form a nest in a new environment.

  2. They can travel from person to person, or in discarded furniture that people pick up and take home.

  3. They can generate body heat and also detect carbon dioxide. This draws them to people at night, when the bugs are most active. They feed on blood but can go without food for up to half a month.

  4. It may not be enough to throw away the furniture when you find out that your home is infested. Bed bugs can form new nests in the crevices of walls and in the plastic casings of electrical wires. Consistent good hygiene and cleaning habits are necessary to ensure the bugs stay out.

  5. As they die in water hotter than 50 degree C, Professional Pest control Sydney typically spray hot water into the hiding place of a house to kill the bugs and their eggs. They then suck the dead insects out with a vacuum cleaner.

Another to prevent bed bugs is to deprive them from sucking your blood by not sitting or sleeping the area that is infested with bed bugs. After more than 15 days without blood as food, they will die on its own.

While bed bugs can not transmit diseases amongst human beings directly, the fact that they contain human blood within their bodies poses some threat. Should the bed bug become crushed and the blood escapes from inside the bug and come in contact with humans, then disease transmission becomes a possibility. This makes the creatures a real danger should they enter your home.

In appearance, the pests are not much to look at. They are a mere 5 mm in length and about 1.5 mm in width. Their color is an orange brown. The bugs have antennae which they use to detect the pheromones of other bed bugs. These pheromones are used during the reproduction process, as fertile females release chemicals which indicate to the males that they are ready to mate.

Bed bugs are becoming a growing concern for people all over the world. They are a pest and no one appreciates a creature that exists purely by using a host body. The creatures are in a sense living viruses that require a greater creature to exist with. The bed bugs contribute nothing in return for their parasitic behavior. The only thing Bed Bugs bring is discomfort and embarrassment to those who have to deal with the problem. If you want to get rid of bed bugs click here to hire pest control services.

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