Some Commonly Used Tuning Tools for Improving The Power Of Diesel Car

by Paul Busby CEO @Viezu

If you own a diesel car then there would not be anything better than having a turbocharged diesel engine in your car if you are planning to tune it up for improving its power. In that also if the engine of your car is not having the direct electronic fuel injection system, you cannot imagine to enjoy enhanced power of your diesel car by simply tuning it. However going through the trend of diesel engines configured in today’s cars we have the CR (common rails) engines which can be tuned easily as compared to erstwhile PD (pump duse) engines used in the cars manufactured few years back.

Now the question arises why you need to tune your diesel car for improving its performance? Well you will agree that when you bought the fresh car from the dealer you used to drive it at an average of 35 mpg, which could be considered as the quite impressive performance similar to the performance of young sports person. But as every sports person has to say good bye to his favorite sport once he recognizes decline in his performance, similarly as your car grows older there is decline in its performance and the power.

Whereas the fact is that there is still substantial power hidden in your car which could be taken out by simply modifying and tuning its engine. In-fact every enthusiast who had driven the car enriched with 330d engine or more powerful engine will agree that undoubtedly these cars are already boosted to deliver high performance till their last breath but still their performance can be boosted with little modifications. It would not be wrong to say that it is one of the sensibly decision taken by the car owners struggling with the declining performance of their car.

Some of the benefits of improving the power and performance of the diesel car with tuning it are referred below:

  • Improved fuel efficiency (equivalent to petrol car);
  • Improved power and performance by remapping ;
  • Increase in the duration of service and more reliable.

Interestingly today there are lots of do it yourself tuning tools available for improving the power of the diesel cars. These tools are user friendly tools and can be used by any person having sustainable knowledge about car mechanism. Some of the commonly used tools are referred below:

1. Digital voltmeter: It would be interested to that use of voltmeter can contribute a great role in improving the power of your car, but due to availability of various other tools it is not given much importance. Whereas the fact is that this small device is of great use when it comes to tuning the car for enhancing its performance. The main objective of voltmeter is to detect the voltage and resistance moving through the circuits and testing any type of damage in wiring system of the car.

2.  Wideband AFR Meter: To ensure that tuning is moving in right direction it is imperative to check the flow of fuel and air in appropriate ratio to the engine.  To check this flow AFR (air flow meter) plays an important role in doing the exercise. Interestingly today with increasing trend of do it your-self training the air flow meter is available at the cost effective prices.

3.  Oscilloscope: Where the use of voltmeter helps in tracking the presence of current in wiring and flow of voltage and resistance moving through the circuits, the use of Oscilloscope facilitates us to visualize the flow. The use of this tool allows us to view transmission of one more signals and help in tracking the fault in wiring system and circuits of the car. The worth mentioning feature of oscilloscope is that no other tool can substitute its relevance when it comes tuning the car.

4.The street and track tool: The street and track is the self explanatory tool which is helpful in tracking the actual performance of the vehicle while driving on the road. The use of this tool assures that the process of tuning carried out by you for improving the performance of your car is according to the requirement and what types of tweaks it still requires to satisfy your expectations from your vehicle.

The above mentioned tools for vehicle performance enhancement are just an example of do it yourself tools for tuning your car to improve its power. There are lots of various other tools which could help you in enhancing the performance of your car according to your requirements.

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