Solutions to 5 Common Programming Problems

by David Oscar Professional Academic Writer

Want to here the good news? You must know it actually. So, the good news is that everyone makes mistakes. All the mistakes that you as a beginner tend to make may be made by the ones who began just like you. Other new programmers took those problems in tread, searched for the situations and came out with better outcomes.

Even you can do so.

Following is the list of common problems that the programmers tend to make and also, the solutions to get through them are also given.


A. Not Knowing the User

The Problem

In software development, user concentric is not an option but it is a priority. Thus, in order to make any software a user centric, you must know what actually the users want.

The users must have proper knowledge and ideas of how a product must work. These opinions may differ from the ones of the development team. But, it often becomes difficult for the new programmers to know and understand what their users are in need of.

So, the project management techniques like Agile/Scrum make it easier for the development teams to upgrade the software as the user asks for a change all through the process of development. But, this may actually turn out to be challenging for the programmers who still want to learn to balance the needs of the clients with lack of access code.

The Fix

The ones who will be actually using this product will be the end consumers.

Another thing you must know is that the users would be knowing what they want to accomplish but they are somehow not aware of the features. Thus, to figure out the same is your task.

1. Connect with the people who have direct access to the users

In this case, don’t make a mistake of talking to the project managers. If you seriously want to know what all the users expect, you must go to the user experience designers. They are required to approach every product with the human-centered design and are allowed direct access to the ones who will using the product ultimately.

2. Test Your product

To know about what your users think about the product, you need to test it. Many successful companies have released beta versions of their products in order to get the feedback from their users. This further helps the companies to fix any errors that may be pointed out by the users.


B. Debugging 

The Problem 

Represent this scene. After you have worked for days to come out with a perfect, you are satisfied and stay stress free. But, when you come the next day, you find a long list of errors provided by the quality manager. The ‘CANCEL’ button on the web form is not clickable, the grammar in the error messages is not right whereas the software has many other bugs that are creating issues in the user experience.

The Fix 

Good debugging approach will surely act as the best defense applied against the programming bugs.

1. Reproduce the error

Spending good number of hours in order to fix a problem that you are unable to understand may be a good waste of time. Hence, to fix the bugs, you need to know why they actually happened. Begin by reproducing them.

2. Seek Help

This tip is considered to be the best, in case the projects are one the approaching deadline. Many new programmers tend to panic and then think of the solution. Thus, seeking information technology assignment help and get through all the problems that are facing.


C. Keeping Up With Technology

The Problem

With the growth and enhancements in the technology, it is important for the programmers to keep up with the same. This is because theories and tools become obsolete very rapidly.

On the other hand, the modified versions are good as they help the programmers to make their task an easier one.

The Fix

There are two easy ways of fixing these:

1. Spare Time and Learn Something New

In order to get the work done in an easy manner, there are sufficient number of hours for you. But, yes it will surely not hurt if you take out about 30 minutes to learn how the new tools and techniques work.

2. Keep Up With Latest Trends

Learning new tools and coding will definitely help you to create a better code and develop more innovative products.


D. Communication

The Problem

While working as a new programmer in the company, there are chances that you might not know anyone. This further means that you might hesitate to talk to any of them regarding the work. Poor communication will lead to adverse effects on the project as well as you will not be aware as to how to fix the issues that are occurring in the project.

The Fix

When you are pursuing your career in the field of software development, communication skills are equally important to that of the technical skills.

1. Be Proactive

Communicating only when there is a need won’t help you conquer over the project easily. If you are an introvert, working on your self-confidence is something that will help you.

2. Consistency

If you made a certain mistake, don’t argue over it. Instead, accept your mistake and learn from them. Practice the same until you are able to express yourself fluently.


E. Security Threats

The Problem

For any programmer, data is considered to be a valuable commodity. The clients are dependent on you and expect that their information and data is safe from these threats. Also, you, as a new programmer may often overlook security loopholes in their coding process. You may further end up delivering the wrong codes.

The Fix

It is true that you can’t stop any one from hacking your code, instead you can make it harder for them to access it.

1. Make use of parameterized SQL queries

There are chances that a hacker might use the SQL injections to steal the important data say for instance the login and other personal details of the users.

2. Keep your workstations safe  

Keep in mind that not all attackers are online. They may be some one from your workplace. Thus, in order to prevent this kind of attack you need to safeguard your systems as well.

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