Solar Rooftop Manufacturers in India

by Rohit S. student

Fossil fuels and other non-renewable sources of energy are finite and we will eventually run out of these fuels. On the other hand, they are the primary reason for environmental damage as the gases released by burning fossil fuels are very harmful and lead to global warming and other devastating effects that are a threat to the overall environment. Due to the two reasons mentioned above, it became crucial for people to search for alternative energy sources that could power up the life of individuals and be environmentally friendly.

The sun has been the primary source of energy from eternity now and life is sustained because of the energy the sun provides us. Although for a long time we could not actually convert the immense energy the sun provides us into other forms like electricity, thermal or mechanical. With the onset of time and many technological advances and people working in the field to harness the sun’s energy, humans finally became capable of turning the sun’s energy into electrical, thermal and mechanical energy. 1954 can be considered as the year when modern solar power came into existence when Bell Laboratories developed the first photovoltaic cell which could effectively convert light into energy. From then, we didn’t look back and great advancements were made in the field of solar energy and people began considering it as an efficient and cost friendly way to power their homes, vehicles and other things. The best thing about solar energy is that it is extremely environment-friendly. In today’s day, we all have seen solar energy being used as a primary source in many organizations, homes and other areas as well. The solar power industry has also grown immensely with time and there are many solar energy providers that provide cost friendly solar solutions. The most used solar product is the solar rooftop panels that are put on the roofs of houses or buildings which convert sunlight into electrical energy and this energy is then saved in batteries to be used at any time by the consumer.

India due to its geographical location and other factors becomes a very favorable nation to harness the sun’s energy. With the government taking further initiatives to make solar energy more widely used, people of India have started to take solar solutions seriously and have indulged in buying solar products or putting solar rooftop panels that help produce electricity at very cheap rates which helps the overall economy also.

Here is a list of solar rooftop manufacturers that have gained the people’s trust and are providing great solar solutions which are in turn very cost effective and saving the environment.


One of the older solar companies of India, Kotak Urja Pvt Ltd has been in the business since 1997. Initially providing solar water heaters, the company has now expanded to provide innovative solar solutions for today’s day and age with a wide array of services.


Tata Power Solar Systems Ltd is one of India’s biggest solar companies which is based out of Bangalore. With an aim to spread solar energy everywhere, it has been providing all kinds of solar solutions including rooftop solar systems



Azure Power is a solar solution provider that has been known to provide solar products at very reasonable rates as compared to others in the market. They have always been working to be the lowest cost power producer so that solar products are affordable and can be used by everyone.


Emvee is another solar product's manufacturer that has been specializing to provide high-performance solar systems. They provide systems for both off grid and on grid applications and have a wide range of high-quality products for the customers.


Jakson is one of the key solar product manufacturers that has been providing solar rooftops for quite a long time now. With an experience of executing many solar land-based and rooftop solutions successfully, it ranks second in rooftop EPC segment in India.

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