Solar Energy A Scope For The Future

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The earth fossil fuels are shrinking every year. By using them the environment is also getting damaged. This made the scientists go for the alternative sources of energy and solar energy is one of them. Solar energy uses sunlight from the sun and produces electricity. This energy can also be stored and used in the future. Solar power can be harnessed in two ways namely passive and active in which the former is designed to collect the sunlight to maximum extent whereas the latter is designed to transfer or store the energy for future use.

The Solar cell is the structure that converts sunlight into electric energy. It works when the photons in sunlight hit the solar panel and are captivated by semiconducting materials. By various chemical electric changes, the electrons get converted into electricity. Solar cell is made up of semiconducting materials such as silicon that can absorb sunlight. These cells are made with different specifications and capacity to meet the business requirements. Solar cell is used in all the solar applications like solar water heater, solar energy collectors, solar dryers, solar cookers, solar pond, solar refrigeration systems, solar lighting, solar vehicles, solar oven, and much more.Solar cell does not consume fuel and is environmentally friendly.

They can be installed anywhere like rooftops, backyards and windows etc. The recent development in this is solar trackers which track the sun according to its movement and thus utilizing it fully.International Energy Agency predicted that the growth of solar energy usage will increase by 50% in the year 2025. By 2050 solar energy constitutes 11% of global electricity. The cost of these is decreasing continually which is making the common people go for it. This can be used to meet the daily requirements and save money which can be used elsewhere.


Sun provides the abundant source of energy and it is available everywhere on the planet. The energy from the sun is more than the energy from the other nonrenewable sources like coal, oil and natural gas.This makes the companies manufacture the solar cell and install them in their houses. The individuals can reduce their house bills and sell their excess electricity to make money. Solar energy is one of the ways to reduce our dependence on non – renewable energy sources and make the environment cleaner and safer to live.

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