Software Testing: Importance, Types, Techniques, Career

by Shubham Singh Software Automation Engineer
Any company that is involved in the tech business is well aware of the term “Software Testing.” But for all those non-tech-savvy individuals who want to learn more about software and its development process, you have come to the right place!

Most of you might have wondered as well “What is software testing in software engineering” Well, the software testing definition in software engineering refers to the process of re-examining software to make it bug-free and to make sure it meets the requirements of the developer and runs smoothly. Software testing evaluates a software program to identify any potential issues before the product is released to the public.


Understanding the need of software testing is crucial. It helps to identify bugs and errors in the software before it is released to the public. Additionally, software testing helps to identify any potential security issues that may exist in the software. 

Software testing also helps to ensure that the software meets the customer’s requirements. This is important because it helps to ensure that the customer is satisfied with the product. It helps to reduce the risk of incompatibility between different software products.

Software testing is also essential because it helps to reduce the cost of the software development process. By identifying and correcting errors and bugs in the software before it is released, the cost of fixing the mistakes after the software has been released is significantly reduced.


MANUAL TESTING: In Manual testing, the tester examines the software without any automation tool. It is conducted to identify any bugs or errors that may exist in the software product. The tester will execute each test case and check the expected results to ensure that the software product meets the required specifications. It helps to ensure the overall quality of the software product by uncovering any issues that may have been missed during the development phase. Furthermore, manual testing is also cost-effective as it does not require any expensive tools or other resources.

AUTOMATION TESTING: In this type of software testing, automation tools are used to examine the software and get rid of any bug which is present. Automation testing is the process of using special software to execute a series of tests on a system or application to ensure that it meets certain requirements. Automation testing is an important part of the software development process because it allows developers to quickly and efficiently identify issues in the software code.


Knowing the various software testing techniques will give you an in-depth knowledge of software testing. So here are the 2 techniques: 
Black-box testing is the first software testing technique that involves testing software without looking at what’s inside, such as the coding, systems, and dependencies. This method focuses on how the software functions from the user’s point of view. The testers will try to use the system as a user would, and look for any bugs or errors that may arise. This type of testing is often used to test the functionality and usability of the software.

White-box testing is the opposite of black-box testing. With white-box testing, the aim is to examine the structure within the application, looking at the inner workings of the app, as opposed to how it functions overall. This method of testing involves looking at things such as coding, system dependencies, and even the code in the system. White-box testing focuses more on the internal structure of the software and is used to test the accuracy, security, and robustness of the software.


There are a lot of career options available in the software development process which includes software testing. Well, firstly you can opt for software testing course in Bhopal, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru which are known for their IT hubs.

Secondly, you try your hand at internships which will give you an idea of how software testing actually works for you to gain an immersive experience. 


In conclusion, software testing is a crucial aspect of software development that helps ensure the delivery of reliable, secure, and high-quality applications. Organizations should prioritize testing as an essential part of the software development life cycle to ensure the success of their projects and the satisfaction of end-users. By investing in the right tools, technologies, and personnel, organizations can ensure that their software testing process is effective and efficient.

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