Soffit Solutions: 4 Effective Ways to Utilize Kitchen Soffits

by Jason Zhang Wood Cabinet Supplier

We need space. It’s in human nature. But when considering kitchen cabinetry design, it would indeed be hard to ignore an available space, isn’t it? An empty space that can be used and yet is not being used certainly stands for a dilemma. And one such dilemma of kitchen space is the open soffits running over the top of the wall cabinets.

Open soffits are a huge inconvenience as they do not allow you to use space effectively. And a large amount of it is wasted. And all of us have been breaking our heads over what we should do about it. Until now.

Enter RTA kitchen cabinets. The latest innovation in Kitchen designing, Ready-to-Assemble cabinets or RTA cabinets let you utilize your kitchen space in the best possible ways. Their long-range of styles and designs, be it cherry kitchen cabinets or white shaker cabinets, are perfectly suited to any kitchen décor theme.

However, for a more sorted reading, here are 4 ways to fix kitchen soffits with the help of RTA cabinets:

  • Long cabinets: Perhaps the first solution is to opt for a longer cabinet design which reaches to the ceiling. However, if the space is too big, you can easily opt for RTA cabinets that fit the space. And be assured that they will. With their customizable character, they are sure to fit in. Moreover, attaching a pull-out-step-stool which can be pulled out in order to access the cabinets can be more effective. Opt for a suitable design, like antique white kitchen cabinets that help you provide a lighter feel to the large cabinet design.

  • Crown Molding: A popular choice nowadays, crown molding involves adding a designed mold across the stretch of little space that is left open between the kitchen ceiling and your RTA wall cabinets. Low cost and easy to be built, it is a great addition to your overall kitchen design and adds to the looks. Based on your cabinet color e.g. Cherry Kitchen Cabinets, it is better to go for a reddish brown cherry color molding.

  • Do not Disturb: Now, this might sound awkward, but a good way to utilize the large space left over your RTA wall cabinets is to leave it open. If you think hard, you might find out that there is no need for a new set of cabinets to be attached. Instead of filling up space, let it be the way it is. It makes for airiness and makes the kitchen appear spacious. This is more suggested in case of antique white kitchen cabinets that further add to the overall airy feel of the kitchen.

  • Bulkheads: Bulkheads are a larger version of moldings. But while moldings give the feeling of décor, bulkheads provide a more wall-like vibe i.e. they appear to be a part of the wall. You may opt for bulkheads if the space between your RTA wall cabinets and the ceiling is larger than usual. They can be made with wood, metal or any other structurally sound material.

  • Keeping the 4 above points in mind will not only help you utilize your kitchen soffits effectively but will also add to your kitchen décor. Most important of all is to know the importance of space and then decide whether we should utilize the space or let it be the way it is. After all, some space is always needed, be it us or our kitchens.

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