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by Jessica Marcus Social Skills
Every one of us wishes, our children to attain success in all the spheres of their life. We provide them the best education, sound and loving upbringing, encourage them to make good friends, empower them with life enriching resources to climb the ladders of prosperity. Nothing would be of any avail if your child is a socially shy person.

There is a lot more to social skills other than making friends and having conversation. For instance, in order to socialize with people you need to be cooperative, understanding, adjusting, and above all avoid conflicts. You can include social skills activities in the day to day routine with your kids to improve their social skills further.

When you encourage your child to develop their social skills, you may face many hurdles. Do not get deterred, once you have decided to make your child a wonderfully sociable person. Kids, especially the toddlers can be demanding, tricky, and difficult to handle. It’s going to be a humongous task to catch the attention of little kids. However, it would also be a fun exercise to hone their social skills.

Some of the basic social skills which you would love to in still in your child include:

• Love And Compassion
• Cooperation And Understanding
• Humility, Empathy, And Kindness
• Sharing And Caring
• Team Work
• Conflict Management And Avoiding Crisis
• To Be Fun, Friendly, &Polite
• Self-control And Anger Management

How to make kids learn all the aforementioned attributes without turning it into a dull session. There are some wonderful social skills activities designed especially for toddlers to learn social etiquette fun way. These activities promote social comfort and friendly behaviour amongst children.

Now, some of the popular social skills activities that toddlers can participate in and have fun learning

Taking turns- you can foster the habit of taking turns rightfully without shoving or crowding each other. It assists in teaching them the reciprocation. Kids are friendly, but in the excitement of play they forget to give each other rightful share of toys. This is why taking turns is an important activity. This can easily be done by asking kids to

• Take turn on swing
• Press the button on the music box, turn by turn
• Throw the ball

Matching puzzles- this will teach them how to share the play space and do the team work. They would learn how to share the responsibility of completing a task together.

Naming Game- instead of poking, pushing and pulling or tugging on the arm, it’s better to call each other respectfully by using their names. If your child wants to seek someone’s attention, he should know the name of the person concerned. Children can be made to sit around in a circle and are required to pass on a ball to each other. So, before passing the ball to the next player, a kid is required to call the name of the child sitting next and seek his attention.

There are some other popular activities which can be done with children to foster the emotional stability, empathy, and compassion for each other.

Social skills worksheets come under various categories which include

• Communication and conversational skills
• Emotional understanding and reflections
• Appreciation worksheets
• Conflict recognition and resolution
• Body Language
• Social mannerism and behavior

You cannot pounce upon an individual who is socially inept. You have to talk to children first, understand their way of life. Find out what they find intimidating in social gatherings. Learn how they react in specific situations. That’s how it would be possible for you to device your social skills training which include preparing worksheets, creating games, and organizing social skills training programs.

Some of the popular social skills activities which would help to break the ice include

• Introducing appropriate subjects for conversations
• Voicing out opinions and understanding the perspective of other people
• Participating in social events and contributing in various activities
• Sharing and caring for others
• Trying new options
• Make new friends

It’s just not that children are the only ones who get socially awkward, even adults have social issues. Many people do not see themselves comfortable in social situations or gatherings. Social skills worksheets for adults are planned in a way to assist people understand how to develop and enhance the social communication and participation.

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