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by Emma L. Business consultant

app for mums

While some simplify motherhood and say it all comes down to loving your child and doing your best to keep him or her happy, healthy and loved, things aren’t nearly as straightforward as that. Mothers, especially the new ones, often find it difficult to have everything under control, which can leave them exhausted physically and mentally and in desperate need of assistance. If you’re a mother, whether for the first, second or the eleventh time, you might want to rely on other mothers’ experiences. This is now possible, as there’s a new app to guide you through motherhood, one step at a time. It’s called Mumli and here’s why and how you can use it to your advantage.

It Was Created by Mums

Although there are other apps out there, all meant to help your baby get the best possible care, there aren’t many of them truly devoted to mums. Well, Mumli is focused on mothers and created specifically for them. This means that this app is designed to aid you in becoming the optimal version of yourself, so that you can be a better mother to your child, too. In fact, this app was developed by other mums, who are just like you and who lacked the necessary support. Therefore, they decided to take action and improve things to the best of their abilities. In practice, this means that this app was created by somebody with the same questions, problems and dilemmas you have and with the most efficient solutions out there, allowing you to make the most of their wisdom and personal experiences.

app for mums

It Can Help You Stay Organized

Another great thing about Mumli is that it can keep you organized, which is something that doesn’t come naturally to all of us, especially when we’re at the end of our wits due to all the sleepless nights, new emotions and other parenting struggles. After all, let’s face it, there are high expectations surrounding mothers, which can create a lot of pressure, especially for the first-time mums. This is where Mumli social sharing app for mums comes in. With all those useful posts you’ve saved over time and the plethora of message threads you keep on your phone, it can sometimes appear impossible to find anything when you’re in a rush. This tends to become a time-consuming and annoying task, and you just give up without actually finding what you were looking for. Mumli sorts this mess out and puts everything in one place, so that you don’t have to search all over your phone. Plus, you can then share any suitable content with other mums, making their life a bit less complicated. 

It’s Always There

As ready as your friends and relatives are to help you, it’s impossible for them to be available to you at all times. When you need to ask somebody a question in the middle of the night, it’s not really convenient for you to wake them up. Fortunately, Mumli is there for you 24/7. Plus, let’s be realistic, if your baby is awake and screaming and you’re not sleeping, you can bet there are other mothers out there, just as awake as you are. It’s probable that they can share their insights with you, so that you can calm yourself and your little one down and get some sleep sooner, rather than later. This also applies to those mothers who are still carrying or are about to give birth. It’s normal to have questions and it’s great to have somebody you can ask them and get a response instantly.  

app for mums

It Keeps You Connected

 It’s not unusual for mothers to feel alone and insecure when taking care of their children, even more so if you haven’t had a child before. Again, you can benefit greatly from using Mumli. The insight into other mothers’ lives, thoughts and actions can make you feel more confident in your own, as well as less isolated and misunderstood. Just knowing there are other women like you out there, facing the same challenges and perplexities as you, will make you feel far less awkward and inadequate as a mother. In addition, you’ll see that there are different parenting styles and you won’t receive judgement for the one you’re true to. Dealing with various parenting issues is just one of the benefits of staying in touch with other mums. It is also essential that you get your daily dose of enthusiasm when you don’t quite feel like your usual self. With Mumli, you’ll always have somebody who’ll boost your self-esteem and reassure you things can and will be better and easier as time goes by.

Whether you’re seeking some first-hand mum hacks or you’re keen on sharing your own with those who might need it, Mumli is the app for you. Besides, there’s no reason not to get an app which is there for you around the clock and can boost your motherhood skills significantly through each of its stages.

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