Snow Removal Tips For A Clean Commercial Space

by Brittany W. Content Writer

One of the most annoying things about winter is probably to clear snow from outside your property but it is also necessary. For commercial spaces, removing snow is highly essential to keep the business running and safe for yourself, your employees, and your clients. Commercial snow removal services in Denver can help clean your office premises.

Snow and ice removal can be a major hassle and if you are planning to do it by yourself then you need to know the right way to do so. You do not want to waste your time and effort in clearing the snow and ice to no avail. Here are some useful tips for snow and ice removal.

Prepare Well

Before you dive into the task of snow shoveling, make sure that you are properly prepared so that you can carry out the task comfortably and safely.  Dress properly in warm layers, you do not want to get sick from clearing all the snow, stretch your muscles properly before diving into action. Take frequent breaks as continuous shoveling can put a lot of strain on your joints and muscles. Also, wax your shovel properly before beginning, this will prevent the snow from sticking to your shovel and you can complete the task efficiently. 

Schedule The Removal

One of the worst things that you can do is wait for days until it stops snowing only to find a large heap of snow that seems impossible to clean and might have already caused severe damage to your property. The best thing you can do is decide a schedule where you will clear the snow for one to two hours every day so as to avoid heavy buildup and make the clearing easy. Check out the predictions regarding how long the snowfall will last so that you can plan your schedule accordingly.

Use A Good Shovel

Using the right kind of shovel is the key to efficient snow removal. If you use the wrong shovel and not a good quality one then you are only going to make it hard on yourself and your back as well. Invest some money and purchase an aluminum or heavy plastic shovel that can withstand all the snow clearing and also make the job easier. An S-blade shovel is great for heavy snow removal, and for lighter snowfalls, you can use a c-blade shovel.

Shoveling The Driveway Properly

If you have a parking space in your office, you need to ensure that the driveways and the parking area are properly cleaned off the snow so as to avoid any accidents and allow smooth traffic flow. While clearing snow from the driveway, be mindful that you are not depositing huge piles of snow just along the edge of the driveway. If you do this, some chunks of the snow will keep tumbling back to the driveway making you clean the same thing twice, and repeated shoveling can even damage the concrete or asphalt below, and you would need a parking lot repair in Denver. While shoveling the driveway make sure to throw the snow a decent distance away from the driveway, so that when the next snowstorm comes you will have a little more room to work with. Before you start making snow piles make sure to mark the areas that need to be left open.

Invest In A Snow Blower

Buying a good snow blower can make the task of snow clearing a breeze, especially if you live in an area where you have frequent snowfalls. Snow Blowers can make the task of removing snow much less tedious, and combined shoveling and snow blowing will make it easier to clear the snow off your property. Snow blowers are an expensive way of removing the snow but it is also much easier. A good quality snow blower will cost around $500 but it is totally worth the investment and will help you clear the snow from your commercial space all winter long.

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