Smartphone-connected Toys are all the Rage in 2022

by Jiiang Lui professional writer
What happens when your sex life requires a bit of connectivity? The answer is quite a simple one. You only need a smartphone-connected or app-controlled adult toy!
What happens when your sex life requires a bit of connectivity? According to the owners of several manufacturing companies producing pleasure devices and their enthusiastic clients, adult toys can be the answer. They specifically suggest using the ones you can control via your smartphone. Today, everything from wristwatches to light bulbs features “mobile connectivity” systems. Naturally, it isn’t surprising that an adult toy will take the same route to digitization. The brands manufacturing these toys are attempting to fix various problems affecting people in long-distance relationships.
  1. About tech-advanced toys: Technologically enhanced adult playthings, such as the portable Hismith sex machines, unite the concepts of science and engineering. Manufacturers create an amalgam of the two to belt out powerful and unique products. Some of them are remotely controllable through conventional remote controllers, while others are operable via an application installed on a smartphone. While anyone can use them, they’re better for partners in long-distance relationships.
  1. Various devices from different brands: Today, hundreds of brands operate, and one of them manufactures and sells portable Hismith sex machines. Whether it’s a device that mimics the act of copulation or just a vibrator, both are controllable through smartphone handsets. They work over a significant distance, letting someone in an entirely different location control the toy. The apps that come with these products also possess video calling features. In other words, the participants can see each other.
  1. A massive business opportunity: These devices can take off easily as the opportunities are profound. The worldwide market for sexual wellness had already reached $21 billion in 2019. This market includes everything from lingerie to condoms to adult toys and everything in between. As you can probably guess, numerous businesses and industrialists are trying to grab their slice of this lucrative pie.
  1. The comfort factor: Just because these features are here and the world has become much more open-minded than before doesn’t mean everyone’s using them. Business owners say that their customers aren’t entirely comfortable with the features of these devices yet. Nonetheless, they’re hopeful that things will change sooner or later. If the least tech-forward person uses a smartphone right now, pleasure device enthusiasts will turn to app-controlled toys too. It may take some time, but it’ll happen inevitably.
  1. A destroyer of relationships: With all these technologically augmented devices and products, numerous folks are raising one question – will these playthings affect relationships negatively? There’s already an ongoing campaign highlighting the potential negative effects of using sex dolls and robots. At the moment, many companies spend significant sums of money to build robots their customers can use as substitutes for human partners. Nonetheless, experts believe these devices can bolster intimacy between couples if the partners don’t use them as substitutes. Smartphone-connected toys encourage intimacy. It’s what the world needs to improve the experience of sex instead of something meant to replace human contact.
Wrapping it up
The owner of a new brand of pleasure toys believes that the products fabricated by the company will fit into IoT or the Internet of Things. IoT is a form of technology designed specifically for gadgets that remain connected to the internet all the time. This person says that the brand is looking for ways to leverage the power of sensors for its products. For instance, these sensors will detect heat to measure arousal levels. In turn, the device will nudge a smart air conditioning system to start working to cool the environment down or order the music system to play a tune.

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