Smart String Inverter Pioneer' Huawei Adds Smart to the life

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Huawei's 'Smart Solar Solutions,' which offer the highest power generation and the lowest Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE), are consolidating their position in the global market.

Huawei recently revealed that its solar solutions surpassed 175 GW of global cumulative shipments. That's the equivalent of producing 2.24 billion kWh of green clean electricity per year and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 1064 million tonnes. Huawei also lunches its smart string inverter.

Realizing the smartening of solar power generation and cultivating it as a flagship energy source is a goal that Huawei has always pursued.

Huawei Changes Market System with String Inverters

Huawei entered the global solar market in 2013; it was based on string inverters & was still in the decentralized solar market. Later, by demonstrating at the 8MW demonstration complex of China's Huanghe Water and Electric Company that string inverters could also be successfully applied to a single large-scale power plant, Huawei opened the door to a string inverter counterattack.

Huawei's multi-channel MPPT function in the string Huawei inverter has improved the precision of solar module management by about 100 times compared to the existing solution. The high-precision MPPT reduced various negative effects such as the mismatching of the voltage by shading between strings and greatly improved the amount of power generation. 


Smart string inverter has smart controllers that perform a variety of roles!

Solar inverters can't just power through alternating current and direct current conversions. Because it plays a wider variety of roles, including failure inspection of solar modules, tracking and control systems & support for grid linkage, the Huawei inverter is become popular because of its smart controller.

These controllers have advanced precision algorithms such as digital information technology, big data, and AI for the industry's most popular IV diagnostic technology. It can complete the inspections of 100 MW power plants with over 95% accuracy in less than 25 minutes.

It allows you to quickly and accurately identify failures while analysing big data. By identifying the string problem & diagnosing the cause, the maintenance of 'zero touches' is now feasible without a specialist to visit the power plant.

In terms of development, it is also an SDS system based on AI self-learning and tracking algorithms, which can adjust structures to the optimum angle. By fusing a tracking system that can utilize a double-sided module with a multi-channel MPPT solar controller, the power generation can be increased by more than 1%.

Huawei, which has sparked a "smart string inverter craze" in the industry, has provided an opportunity for string inverters to reach a single large-scale power plant, and its market share is also rising rapidly.

Huawei's efforts to evolve the technology of string inverters are far from over. 

At the recent 15th International Solar and Smart Energy Forum and Exhibition (SNEC 2021), almost all inverter manufacturers showcased their string inverters without exception. The central inverter is no longer on display, proving that string inverters are leading the global solar market.

With the advent of green technologies, solar power with a focus on string inverters will provide numerous benefits to millions of users.

"Huawei will restructure its power method through green power solutions based on continuous technological innovation in the future."

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