Smart and Cheap Ways to Organize Your Old Stuff

by ExtraCarbon Private Limited On Demand Kabadiwala
Our homes easily become a heap of the mess when we forget to de-clutter once a while but when we start the de-cluttering process it gets tough as most of the stuff that we own have not been used for months and feel like throwing them out but again the memories attached to it stops us from doing so. But if you do not want to throw them then why not sell them and earn few bucks of it. There are many sites like Extracarbon where you can sell your old stuff at the best price.

But yet there is stuff that you thought that you would use in future but that never happened and now they are just taking up space. When we buy something that comes in tinned can we store the thinking we would use it but that never happens and while de-cluttering you just simply sell it for best scrap metal price. But what if you did not sell it but used it organize your old stuff. Here are some ways to organize your old stuff:

Tin cans can organize a lot of things – We all have the habit of buying canned stuff then why throw out the can or store it to sell as scrap metal when you can put it in use to organize your old stuff like stationary, toiletries or just some loose clothing like socks and gloves. Well, you can easily paint the tin cans and decorate it as per your wish and then use it to store pens and pencils as we usually lose them very easily when it is just lying around on the desk. You can also screw then up near the shoe rack and use it to store your socks as when they get mixed with other cloths in the cupboard it's hard to look for them when you need them.

Use those plastic containers storage containers – The plastic containers that are used to store exotic fruits and sometimes even cookies in the supermarkets can be used as well as they are hard and can be easily replaceable. You may think what can you use that for, well use it to organize your kid’s craft supplies so that they do not spread everything on the floor while being creative. You can separate the sketch pens, crayons and markers so that everything is in one place but not mixed together.

Magazine rack as a fridge storage solution – Maybe once you thought that you want to keep all the magazines organized in a magazine rack rather than keeping it on the table but that did not happen but that magazine rack is still lying around so why not use it to organize your freezer. It gets really tough to find stuff among all those bags of frozen stuff then why not use that magazine rack to place it in your freezer in such a manner that you can place stuff over it. Now, you can keep all the all the frozen meat on one rack while others on the other.
Spare stool can store wrapping papers and chart papers – When you have kids at home you have a collection of wrapping papers and chart papers after all you need them every now and then. But storing them is a difficult task. Well, you must be having a spare stool at home that is just there not for any specific use, you can just turn the stool upside down and use it to store all those wrapping papers and chart papers.

These are few tips that can help you organize your stuff but if still there is stuff that you do not want at all and cannot even recycle then it is better to sell them off as old items on the sites where you can sell old items easily and for good price. 

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