Small Bathroom Design Tips from the Best Interior Designers in Kolkata

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Bathrooms denote places in our houses where we often feel relaxed and it is where we take a break from the world and provides the time to ourselves. This room is common in every house, irrespective of big or small. However, as per the latest trends, it has been seen that people are demanding smaller bathrooms for their apartments – especially for cities like Kolkata, where 1 BHK flats are becoming much more popular. Know More about small bathrooms from the best interior designers in Kolkata.

Designing small bathrooms can be very tricky and challenging and require an expert’s knowledge. This is often because it involves using small and compact designs which also involve saving the cost to a huge extent. As per some of the best bathroom interior designers in Kolkata like Spectrum Interiorsthere are some expert-level tips that you can use for your smaller bathrooms. Some of them are shared below for your reference:

Remove All Extended Objects

It has been seen that extra objects that hung from the bathroom walls, tend to gather a considerable amount of spaces. To solve this problem, we need to remove or relocate them to appropriate places like Ex. Relocate a towel/ toilet paper rack to the back of a bathroom door and remove any unnecessary shelves.

Introduce Open Design Patterns Resembling Sky

Just to make you feel that your bathroom space is infinite; you can use up the bathroom ceiling to paint them in a sky blue colour with white clouds. You don’t have to introduce skylights to do that, but this painting can give you immense pleasure by providing a feeling of openness.

Introduce Transparent Shower Enclosures

To provide you with an illusion of more spacious bathrooms – you can introduce transparent shower enclosures with minimal hardware. This illusion will spruce up your mind and will help you in thinking about a more spacious bathroom. Moreover, it is also recommended to use glass doors instead of any other materials.

Introduce Creative Storage Ideas

For small bathrooms, you need to be very creative and specific about storage options. Avoid using items like pedestal sinks, towel racks etc. separately. Use behind the door options for placing towel racks, over the door option for hair dryer or medicine boxes. Moreover, you can also use cabinets built inside the walls for storing other items in the bathroom.

Use Wall Mounted Sinks

This is an alternate option for pedestal sinks – where you can use everything you need but not at the cost of consuming more space.

Use High Ceilings with Lighting Options

This option will give you an illusion of using bathrooms having more space. High ceiling options are quite possible for 1 BHK flats and embedding lights on them is quite possible for most of the apartments. 

Use Diagonal Floor Tiles

Grid like tiles option, which is common for most of the bathrooms – give an idea of small spaces. Hence, to avoid this, you can use the diagonal tiles option that will provide you with an illusion of more spaces as per our vision are concerned. Bigger tiles with slim grout lines will likewise give the presence of all the more area.

Use Hung Wall Toilets

This is another option for providing illusion, where the toilets are fixed to the walls and the space underneath them is empty. This option will enable you to get an idea of more spacious floors.

 Install Medicine Cabinets with Mirrors

This is a stylish cabinet with a mirror on the same – which gives you an illusion of more spaces through reflection. 

Use Hooks behind the Doors in Place of Towel Racks

You can replace the towel racks with hooks at the back of your doors – just to ensure that you get more spaces. Hooks consume less amount of space than the racks and can also use the space underneath to hang the clothes or towels.

Use Only Two Paint Colours

Avoid using more than two colour combination for your bathrooms as that can make the bathroom feel smaller in your eyes. 

Extend the Tiles on the Walls to the Ceilings

As per the human eye is concerned, if we extend the tiles on the walls to the ceilings, it will give us an idea of taller ceilings and bathrooms.


Designing smaller bathrooms are more challenging than the bigger ones and require an expert’s touch to fully finish the same. However, as the owner of the apartments, you also need to co-operate fully with your bathroom interior designers and support them to some extent. The interior designers know exactly what is or will be the best for us and we have to trust them. As per the budget is concerned, you can disclose your overall budget at the very beginning and the best designers can obviously estimate the same with the market standards and can tell you if it is at all possible within the same. Trust your bathroom interior specialists in cities like Kolkata to make your small bathroom space bigger today. 

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