Sketch vs Photoshop: Who Wins to Design UI and Why?

by Danial Smith HTMLPLUSCSS
  • The ruler of the UI design world is Photoshop from over a decade, but someone has snatched this ownership serving you with powerful features which is none other than Sketch. Because of ease of chopping PSD files into layers and then composing them as per design needs, conversion of PSD to HTML became so demanding, but now it is Sketch to HTML. In Information Technology, something better and useful comes every time to diminish the shades of older software/tool. Sketch has made it true and is now considered as best Photoshop alternative for design to HTML/CSS conversion.

  • There are several features and functionalities that have made competition tough for both designing tools. Both are equally important and helpful to achieve the designing requirements. Let’s not come to a conclusion without any proof and discuss who is winning and how.

  • Photoshop vs Sketch

  • Photoshop is not just a tool for editing photo. Instead, it is friendly to design and manipulate images for web designers. Apparently, editing using Photoshop is simpler than Sketch. Does it mean that it is best for iteration as well as product design, agree or not?

  • The fact is Sketch provides a simple interface for designers so that everyone whether novice or intermediate designer can work with designs for Sketch to HTML online. Even if you got stuck somewhere, approach design community and ask for a solution. They are many in numbers who have embraced Sketch and revert you back to the best possible solutions. Like an app, it provides seamless development and has enough potential to keep one step ahead of UI.

  • Pros of Photoshop

  • Stock Images – Several libraries that are synced with Adobe CC can be utilized whenever needed, in other Adobe tools/products. Using Adobe stock cost you high if being adopted to embed the pixel-precise images.
  • Smart Objects – Designers familiar with web concept and mockup iPhone know that no tool is in a competition of Photoshop in terms of smart objects. Their smart objects are reusable and can be used many times via a single or multiple files, which ultimately saves lots of time.
  • Asset Extraction – It is important for both native and web developers to be able to cut or extract assets, and Photoshop makes it possible giving additional plugin support. For example, Cut&Slice plugin lets you export assets in the PSD files.
  • Designing Tools – Photoshop supports various other Adobe’s designing tools which can be brought into play to develop GUI.
  • Cons

  • Complex to Use – People not used to Photoshop functionality will definitely experience it like a rocket science if picked it up, in early stages. It is true that you can do a lot using this tool but before this, you struggle to grasp a clear understanding and be familiar with it. This is why anyone who is new to design chooses other tools like Sketch over it.
  • Cost an Arm and a leg – Pro-only features that provide you the ability to work seamlessly for web design or native design, are part of Adobe suite which cost an arm and a leg. To get its subscription is not pocket-friendly for all because it costs approximately $57.99 per month and $695.88 per year if you are not a student.
  • Sometimes Offers Unpolished Updates – We have founds its periodic updates that are sometimes not up to mark and cause crashes. This is why it is avoided doing same. But at times you work on a different computer that has the previous version installed until bugs are fixed in the new release.
  • Requires More Space – Working on a complicated file (for example one-page website) is like working on file of more than 100mg. And, if you attempt to edit any section, it will be not responding like it got frozen. In case you are having several files open, then our blessings to your RAM as it will be taken up all by the Photoshop.
  • Pros of Sketch

  • Best for Vector-based Design – Manifold reasons why Sketch is simpler to use and it works as a great vector based app which is good to develop responsive designs. Additionally, it facilitates you to build the separate mockup. This is usually preferred by designers to create a mockup, for every set of dimensions. For the sake of designing, professionals always need to maintain a striking balance between wide and narrow screen, normal and high-definition displays, and so on. Sketch makes it possible for you.
  • Simple to manage colors – Managing colors is a piece of cake for everyone. For this, simply create a color palette on mood board and start pulling colors out as required. Add some color gradients along with color files in order to pull the most used colors out for pasting wherever needed. None of us has seen this functionality in Photoshop, so Sketch wins when the discussion comes to managing colors.
  • Creating text styles – Through Sketch app, designers can create their own text styles and reuse them in the inline styles, such as blocks and headings. In other words, it is called as creating typographical elements. In a situation when you find your client not happy with fonts that are used in a project, do an update once and the updated style would reflect the project.
  • Inbuilt Layout Grid – Sketch renders inbuilt layout grids so there is no meaning of relying on plugins which we had to do while working with Photoshop. Using a number of plugins for executing one need (i.e creating layout) is indeed not a good choice to go with. On the contrary, designers can create a layout of their requirements using the inbuilt layout grid of Sketch which is quite easy-going.
  • Comparatively pocket-friendly – In comparison to Photoshop and other Adobe’s designing tool, Sketch is affordable and it costs approximately $138.20 per license for one year whereas Photoshop costs around $695.88 per year for each license.
  • Cons

  • It is available for Mac only.
  • The speed slows down sometimes when you start using more plugins. Though the recent Sketch update has made it faster, but it still happens when relying on any new plugin. However, it is many times better than Photoshop, for the matter of plugins.
  • In order to maximize the potential of your developers for Sketch to HTML conversion services, you would need to acquire some plugins that are subscription based. This tool starts getting expensive at this point in time. Otherwise, its simple to use interface allows performing creative work without any hassle.
  • n fact, Sketch is boosting its feet marks rapidly in comparison to Photoshop and the proof is high demand of Sketch to HTML services.

  • The sketch provides a new era of developing responsive designs, which is truly appreciable. Also, it caters Sketch Mirror, an easy way of testing Sketch designs on actual mobile devices. Through this, a design is simple to share with other developers and it is needed when you work in a team. You can contact us for availing the best Sketch to HTML/CSS conversion services at affordable price. Also, we welcome your suggestions so if you have anything about this post, drop us your suggestions in the below-mentioned box.

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