Simple Tactics To Boost YouTube Videos And Get Incredible Traffic

by Victoria Daniel Social Media Expert and Writer

Two hundred hours of videos are uploaded every minute on YouTube. People can find lots of videos for any kind of topic they choose to watch. How will you promote your videos on YouTube, with this fierce competition?

YouTube overtook Facebook and shines as the second most popular site on the web. Also, if you need to shine on the YouTube platform, you must follow some promotional tactics for your videos as possible.

Here, we have shown the step by step procedure on how to promote your video on YouTube. Let's see.

Good SEO Will Make You Stand High:

Like Google, YouTube also has its unique type of search algorithm. These algorithms are used to rank your videos. Use simple tactics to rank your video high on YouTube. 

The majority of people simply upload videos on YouTube without doing good SEO and look for a better result. With the SEO, sparkle your videos to your targeted audience. 

SEO your YouTube channel and website before going for the promotion of your videos.

     Ranking factors:

On YouTube, there are lots of ranking factors to trend your videos. But, they won't come forward to define you about the ranking factors. Some specialists do tests to identify how the videos and channels are ranking high on YouTube.

Here are the most necessary parameters found by the specialists to rank high your videos on YouTube:

  • Titles

  • Descriptions

  • Tags

  • Length of the video

  • Comments

  • Reaction - Likes and Dislikes

  • Subscribers

When you upload a video on YouTube, they won't get to understand what your video is about, and also they won't watch your video to rank. They simply track your ranking parameters to rank your YouTube videos.

How to do SEO for your YouTube channel?

Let's see the remarkable strategies to promote your video content through efficient SEO.

     Do Keyword Research:

YouTube will show up your videos in two ways. It shows your videos on the side panel of the YouTube screen when someone is active and in search results when it relates to its people's needs.

There are more paid keyword tools to give effective keywords for your content. To go for free keyword research, try these simple methods:

  • Type your content keyword on the YouTube search box and see the many suggestions that it provides. These suggestions are the frequent searches by the people on YouTube.

  • And also, do the Google search including the word "video" and analyze the results.

  • Make use of paid tools with free versions such as Moz keyword tool for the keyword planner.

  • Get a conclusion that if the video appears on the first page in Google, then it is the matchable keyword; otherwise, it is a non-ideal keyword.

For every video, you must use the primary keyword, which is a phrase of three to six words. And also, you need secondary keywords or supporting keywords. It is the Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords. By adding broad secondary keywords, YouTube can understand your video better and rank your video at the top when the exact search keyword.


The description for a YouTube video should be a couple of paragraphs with short content. It should be around 160 characters. 

Use all the primary keywords in your description and remember to put at least one keyword within 50 characters of the title. Never go forward to sell any products through the description. It makes a lousy SEO, and it lowers your video rank as well. 


Create the most attractive titles to cover the significant audience to your post. It should be concise and handy, and also it should be below 50 characters. Don't forget to add the primary keyword in the title. 

Add the year at the end of the title; it helps your video to get more views and engagements. For example, the keyword for your content is "Best Dogs For The Apartments."

     Title: Best Dogs For The Apartments: Interesting Facts About Dogs in Apartment (2020)

     Title: Best Dogs For The Apartments: Top 5 Apartment Friendly Dogs With Low Price (2020)

If your content is about timeless features, years are not necessary. For the trending topics, sensitive matters, a year is a must. 


Thumbnail for a video is the first thing a person sees to watch your video from their homepage or search results. So, it must be more attractive even if you don't have perfect content, it will bring you more views and other engagements. 

A random image from your video taken by YouTube doesn't seem to be well. Go for a custom thumbnail to make it more attractive than that.

Sure, if you follow these steps, people get attracted to your content and engage if they love your video. Sparkle all the above points in your video and see the magical response from the massive audience. 

All these factors help you to drive massive traffic to your video. If you need to gain engagements, then your content should be strong. Making your content unique and buying YouTube likes tends your video to trend on YouTube in a short period.

Facebook Ad Campaign:

Facebook has nearly two billion active users. Almost 85% of people use Facebook accounts around the world. They use it for approximately 35 minutes every day. 30% of people maintain their brands on Facebook as a daily routine.

How To Get Unimaginable Traffic On YouTube With Facebook Ads?

Here's the golden way.

     Hit The Viewer With Bang:

The starting three seconds of every video gives 50% value to the Video Ads of Facebook. That electrified three-second reveals whether someone scrolls by your content or stops scrolling. Hook the people from your 3 seconds.

     Know the CPC (Cost Per Acquisition):

Understand the fact of CPC ( Cost Per Click); it varies by similar industries, averaging $1.80. It would be more expensive for a single click. Since you have completed SEO, you will gain more clicks on it.

When driving the traffic from YouTube, you need to measure the acquisition of bud subscribers.

The calculation of Cost per acquisition is 

          Total Cost for clicks / Total number of new subscribers

     Be Selective:

It is better to run the Facebook Ad to 1000 peoples for the right audience than 1 lakh people who are not the right audience. 

Broadening your ads may lead you to get misclicks that you need to pay. It also leads to a click wasted without getting any engagement for your content.


You can go for a Go-target matter on Facebook. You must do this if you are running a local business. Also, it is more helpful for the worldwide market, since it needs to cover targeted customer areas. 

     Be Honest:

While doing an ad on Facebook, it asks about your video content objective. Be honest to answer it correctly to gain better results.

If you need to drive YouTube traffic but giving your objective as "Get installs of your app" does not play well. "Get video views" is the exact objective of your ad.

YouTube Ad Campaign:

To rate your videos high on the YouTube network, you should try the YouTube ad campaign to gain more traffic to your channel and videos to acquire more engagements.

YouTube offers several campaigns to promote your videos:

     Display Ads: 

These are the videos that only appear on the desktop, and it shows on the right-hand side of the YouTube panel bar.

     Overlay Ads:

These ads are also available only on the desktop, and it appears semi-transparently on the bottom of the video.

     Skippable and Non-Skippable Video Ads:

These videos appear before, in-between, or after the video. Skippable videos can be skippable after five seconds. Viewers should watch the non-skippable videos entirely before the video plays.

     Bumper Ads:

These are the video ads that viewers must watch the ad entirely before the video plays. It will be a maximum of six seconds.

     Sponsored Ads:

These are the cards displayed on the related videos. You can use this card to promote your video or content.

For the ad creation, you can use existing videos or create a new video attractively. The great advantage of choosing existing videos that have massive engagements in the past; you can receive more engagement than you expected.

Go Live:

Live videos are the most trending part now in social media, and it drives a significant audience to your channel and videos. Apps like Instagram, Facebook trending with Go-Live, and more executive brands streaming live through it.

These are the methods of how you can utilize YouTube live as follows:

  • Live tutorials

  • Product development

  • Q & A session

  • Webinars

Live sessions are more fun because it is not a scripted video. It's a nature live video that you can receive live customers through digital.

Make a good conversation with your viewers on YouTube live, build your comments, and reach a wider audience. Make love to all the viewer's observations; this brings you a stable audience to your post.

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