Simple Skincare Suggestion for Oily Skin Woes

by Nilesh Gohel APURVAM Massage Training School

To moisturize or not, that is the question!


For those lucky, some with oily skin – the woes and confusions are super disturbing and infinite. But it isn’t simple for those with dry skin as well. The plan is to set up a regular skincare routine that’s excellently befitting for a particular skin type and to follow it forever.


Even the use of cosmetic beauty products should depend upon the type of skin, and it should nevermore be a casual purchase.


So, let’s investigate the science behind an oily face?


Short science behind oily skin: Oily skin is an outcome of an excess of sebum from sebaceous glands, which is found beneath the skin. When discharged in small amounts, sebum shields the skin and keeps it healthy and moisturized. Its excess, on the other hand, can create some issues like blocked pores and acne. And even make use of makeup an issue.


However, proper application and the use of the right products can benefit the limitation of overflowing oils to a great extent. Also, a minute change in lifestyle and diet – less oily food and more green leafy vegetables and sweaty exercise – can achieve its alchemy on your skin, making you completely ignore its oily woes. 


So, let’s see any easy naturally healthy radiant skincare suggestions that come in very handy to restrain oily skin woes.



Every day wash your face twice a day!


Let’s begin with something as essential as cleaning your face twice a day without missing it. Oily skin is prone to acne and skin health. When not washed. You have to use more energy to limit the clogging of the pores. But it doesn’t signify that you have to wash your face many times. Extreme washing can lead to the lack of vital oils needed for fresh skin.


Also, avoid utilizing harsh products when it comes to a mere act of daily washing. Anything easy like a face wash or soap, primarily if meant for the oily skin type, is good enough. 


Use beauty products defined for unique Skin Type!

Not everybody is inclined to buy a separate sunscreen, moisturizer, or face wash. Most of the time, cosmetic products are either bought without much consideration or purchased for the entire family, and any face wash with the tag “normal” skin type makes it to the shower cabinet.

Dermatologists state that cosmetic products are manufactured after a lot of experimentation, and such beauty products need to apply as per the purpose defined on the product. It is more careful not to use anything than using the wrong face wash and damage the skin instead. 


Regularly moisturize the skin, no matter the skin type!


Moisturizing is essential, no matter the skin type. It is just that one necessitates making a small attempt to buy a product that’s best suited for a specific skin type. Anything that’s for dry skin cannot and should not apply on an oily skinned face. Just because the skin produces excessive oil does not indicate that it doesn’t need a shield from pollutants and UV rays. 


Home remedies forever come super beneficial!


The good old-fashioned, natural home remedies never fail, particularly when they come profoundly prescribed (by mothers). Women cared for their skins very before any cosmetics came into the picture all over the earth.


Here’s a list of 3 natural and successful home remedies;


·      Aloe Vera is a super remedy for all skin types. It is known to treat the problem of flaky skin. Which is the effect of excess oily skin. Just a mere application for some minutes restores the skin to its youthful beauty. 

·      Clay packs: Clay packs are a natural skin remedy and are excellent absorbents. Combine with several drops of rose water, and the outcome is a reliable skin that sets for a new day. 

·      Honey is excellent for every skin type and has antibacterial properties that aid in the prevention of acne. Also, it preserves the essential moisture of the skin, and even using it twice a week does a miracle to the skin. 


Like with everything else in life, all you require is some minutes of your time every day. Specially dedicated to taking that special care, and you’re good to go and flaunt naturally radiant skin.

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