Simple and Effective Steps to Repair Damaged Sidewalks

by David William Project Manager

Sidewalks are prone to damages due to their excessive usage and long lives. These sidewalks are used by uncountable people everyday as a way of commutation to their desired destinations. So as a result they are exposed to various damages. Also the outdoor environment also possesses many conditions, which can result in the damages of these sidewalks. Weather conditions can be a big threat to these sidewalks. A long period of continuous rain and snowfall can majorly harm the sidewalk structure. Similarly excessive heat from sunlight can result in the damages of sidewalks.

 As like other commercial structures, sidewalks situated in front of commercial buildings are more prone to damages than the one with residential buildings. This may be because of the increased usage of sidewalks when it comes to commercial sidewalks. This is because a sidewalk situated on a house is used by only its residents or occasionally by other people, that also not very frequently. But when it comes to the commercial buildings, they are visited and used by plenty of people just in a day. Also many commercial building owners are so busy that they don't get it repaired or maintain it. So it is important for the commercial building owners to maintain these sidewalks and hire commercial sidewalk repair nyc even on slight damage which occurs in sidewalks. This is because these minor damages eventually lead to the collapse of the structure. But the question that arises in the minds of many people is what are the doable and necessary steps to repair the sidewalk ? As many times the conditions are not suitable to get professional help. So we are going to tell you the steps you can take in such times to save your sidewalks from major damages.


If your sidewalk has minor cuts and damages then go for a repair. But if it has a major slab removed from the surface then it should be replaced. In order to repair it yourself follow these steps to fill it with cracks.

  1. Get the necessary tools, such as chisel, putty knife, sledgehammer, trowel, patching mix and fiber brush. These tools can be found in any store, but make sure to get good quality ones.
  2. First get the damaged areas cut by placing the chisel and pushing it with the sledge hammer at a slightly upwards angle. This is done in order to make the crack wider so we can fill it appropriately.
  3. Clean the debris with the wire or fiber brush. As any excess old concrete can make the patch weak. After this take a sponge and wet the concrete so it sticks to the new patch more effectively.
  4. Prepare the patching mix.Fill the hole with a patching mix smoothly using the trowel
  5. Apply a bonding agent with paint brush.wait for 15-20 minutes and then pack the cement to the crack so it settles properly.
  6. Keep it moist until it is fully cured, you can do this by using plastic to retain moisture.

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