Signs your website needs a Redesign to grow your Business in 2022

by Aditya Singh Website Designing Company
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Your website is more than a way to outline the services your business provides. It is the identity card of your company. In fact it is a 24/7 storefront that will communicate your brand to your key audiences on an ongoing basis. Whether your visitor is a new prospect, a consumer considering a first purchase, or another important stakeholder, the fact that your website is always live means it always needs to be engaging and effective.

So it becomes crucial to regularly review your site to ensure its positioning your company in the most potent way possible. Websites have front and back end elements that influence their performance. It is important to consider both when you are thinking about the possibility of a redesign.

The front end is all about the look and the copy, design and other content which creates a compelling user journey that converts users into customers and prospects into clients. The back end is the technical architecture of the website. It helps to do the things like update and manage content and improve organic search.

Signs that you might need to redesign your website

1. Your Website is not Working towards your Business Goals: The purpose of the website could range from direct sales to providing an educational hub for users to learn about the brand to many other purposes. Professional designers define and prioritize the business goals before functionality and aesthetics come to play. A business geared towards direct customer sales of a commoditized product will need a different web design than a non-profit looking to improve member engagement. If your website is not designed to serve your business goals then it’s very existence will not serve the purpose. So, if your site is not driving enough ROI, it is not ranking on Google, or if the content is not reflecting your current offerings or value propositions, your website needs a redesign in 2022.

2. High Bounce rate and Low Conversions: If your website has high bounce rate and low conversions then you have an issue. Websites are designed to engage and entice the users and there are some parameters that designers and developers use to determine if your site is delivering the experience you intended. A bounce is when the user leaves the website just after visiting only one page, which means they have not explored the content or products offerings you have in depth. They came to the site, and they are gone. Possible forever. A conversion rate is when the users take desired action on your site. If your site is facing low conversion rates and higher bounce rates then it is time to revamp your site and redesign it this year.

3. Website is Slow: As a user nothing is more frustrating than a website that does not load quickly. Users do not prefer to wait around in hopes that a website’s experience, design or content will make up for its slow speed. More than 50% of the users leave the site that takes longer than three seconds to load. Also, slow speed will also have negative effect on the search engine rankings. Search engine ranking is important because high rankings help clients find your company online easily and drive organic traffic. If the loading speed of your website is slow then it becomes crucial to redesign your website.

4. Your site is not Mobile-Friendly: In the era of smart phones, where a majority of users use their mobile phones to search the internet, it becomes very important to have a mobile-friendly website. Responsive web design enables them to get a great experience regardless of the device they use. From development end of things, responsive design reduces the need for a different design for each type of device. If your website design is not responsive it absolutely time for a redesign.

5. Site Design is Outdated: The visuals of the website really matters. Users associate the visual appearance of a company’s website with the quality of its offerings. The first impression of the user on your site will be the visuals and so expert designers ensure to make that impression a great one. Experienced website design firms bring your brand to life in the most visually appealing and effective way. If your site has dull visuals, it is the time to redesign it.

6. Hard to Navigate: Your website should be guided tour for the users and not a journey without a map. They should find it easy navigating your site. Even a beautifully and fast-loading website will not deliver results if your users struggle to get information they need. If the navigation of your website is poor, then it needs to be redesigned right way.

Bottom line

If you are experiencing the issues discussed above, hire a professional website design firm to help you with a redesign.

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