Signs You Need To Change Your Car’s Cabin Air Filter

by GDY Airtech Enterprises Consultant
Often overshadowed by the more well-known engine air filter, the cabin air filter is a relatively new component in automotive air conditioning. There are many car owners today who don’t know a thing about them, much less when and how to replace the filters.

In truth, the cabin filter plays an important role in keeping the air you breathe in your car clean and healthy. They prevent dust and other pollutants from entering vehicle interiors, making car rides more comfortable especially for people with respiratory illnesses and with dust or pollen allergies. But to maintain the high quality of your car’s indoor air, changing your cabin filters is a must.
What are the telltale signs that you need to buy a new cabin air filter?

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Restricted Air flow

The biggest sign that your filter has gone bad is when your AC system is not blowing air as well as it used to. This is because the cabin air filter is too congested to be able to sift through the air effectively. This leads to less air coming out from your vents. 

What makes this worse is that since your cooling capacity is decreased, the rest of your AC system works harder in an effort to compensate, resulting in your components’ longevity getting compromised. You might end up having to pay for more than just a cabin filter replacement!

Bad Odors

Aside from poor air flow, another noticeable symptom is the presence of strange odors that blow out from your air vents.  Since your filters are too clogged to do its job properly, all the collected dirt will end up emitting an unpleasant smell into your car, and let in more unwanted particles as well. Not only will this be uncomfortable for riders, but it puts their health at risk too. 

Get It Checked Regularly 

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Haven’t had these problems yet? That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wait for them to happen before you do something about it. Depending on the instructions by the manufacturer, you may have to have it replaced after every 20,000 kilometers or so (on average), but the kind of driving you do is also a factor. If you travel off-road frequently or drive in a city with high pollution levels, then the intervals will be much shorter. Don’t be afraid to call a car air conditioning service for help—they can tell if you really do need to replace your filter.

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