Keeping Your Commercial Refrigerator In Good Condition

by GDY Airtech Enterprises Consultant
As the world continues to adapt with the new normal, most businesses in the food industry such as cafés, restaurants, and fast food chains have sustained their operations by being available for take-out, drive thru, or delivery services. Because of this, the need for proper food storage equipment to keep beverages and ingredients at their best quality remains a priority. Experts on commercial refrigerators in Davao suggest keeping one’s refrigeration unit clean and sanitized through regular interior and exterior cleaning.

Commercial Refrigerator

Here’s a guide to maintaining a refrigeration unit:

Cleaning the Insides of a Refrigerator

Prior to cleaning, unplug the unit to avoid electrocution. Start by removing the contents of the refrigerator, including containers, dividers, and racks.

Discard the perishables which you think are already spoiled, especially if they were not labeled with their expiry date/best before date, as well as the date and time of opening. Also, dispose of other ingredients or supplies that have not been used or have already been stagnant for weeks or months. When in doubt, throw it out.

Skilled maintenance personnel of industrial refrigerators in Davao recommend microfiber cloths and mitts, soft sponges and brushes, and warm soapy water for scrubbing the grime and stains. Afterwards, rinse with clean water and apply food-grade disinfectant on the surfaces.

Keeping the Outside of a Refrigerator Clean

Using a soft brush or wash cloth, wipe the front, top, and side surfaces with proper cleaning solutions such as warm water and detergent-based solutions. Abrasive scrubbers, rough sponges and chlorine-based solutions are not advisable. A stainless steel degreaser or baking soda paste as an alternative can be used to get rid of tough grease and stains.

Use a vacuum to remove dust and dirt that have accumulated at the condenser and the coils. This prevents the air intake from being clogged, allowing for better heat release and reducing energy consumption to get extra savings on the electricity bill.

Organize the Contents of the Refrigerator

After cleaning both the inside and outside of the refrigerator, it’s time to arrange the contents.

According to some experts on commercial refrigerators in Davao and food safety specialists, proper food placement must be followed. Condiments, processed ingredients, pre-cooked food, ready-to-eat food and produce must be on the top shelf. Fruits and vegetables should be stored in the crisper drawers or the humidity-controlled drawers in the refrigerator. The middle shelves should contain mostly raw ingredients and materials such as seafood, beef, pork, ground meat, and fish. The bottom shelf is allocated for poultry.

This is based on the general rule where food with higher minimum required internal cooking temperature goes to the lower shelves. In this manner, any juices or fluids will be prevented from cross-contaminating the other food stored.

Take note of these steps to keep your refrigeration units in good shape during these difficult times, and to ensure quality service for your customers in your café or restaurant.

Commercial Refrigerator

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