Signs That Say Your Floor Needs Fresh Sanding

by James Spencer Blogger

Your timber deck or the flooring will need periodic sanding to be in the right shape and form. Generally, if you have the best timbers for your deck, it will not ask for periodic sanding. However, that does not mean the deck will not need sanding at all! You, after all, you do not sand the deck once in a lifetime.

Hence, let face it. When your deck or flooring needs fresh sanding, it will show up signs. Here is a quick look at the signs that the deck will show up when it will need fresh sanding.

The Flooring Looks Worn Out

This is just a different form of a soiled surface. After a significant period of time, you will find that the surface has worn down. You will find that the surface has faded, and with places having scratched wood, and sections where you will find wood grains have been exposed.

Then, you will find splinters coming up at places, and there can very well be rough patches here and there on the floor. You may find these patches so rough that you will find really uncomfortable to walk through these places.

These wearings will be most in high traffic areas like living rooms and hallways, and certain areas of the kitchen.

When you come across these signs, that signifies that the surface of the floor needs a fresh round of sanding by a professional who has been in this business for long.

The Floor Fails the Water Test

The water test is the most convenient and the quickest assessment that will help you determine the condition of the flooring and find whether it is in dire need of fresh sanding.

This is all about pouring a little bit of water on the target area of the floor that you are looking forward to verifying. If you find the water beading up in small droplets, or a pool up at certain places in the form of small puddles, then you can have a good night's sleep. This implies that your deck or floor is in perfect condition.

However, if you find the wood absorbing the water pretty fast, that is a red flag for you. This imp[lies that the sealing that was applied in the past has got depleted.

This, in turn, means, the floor is now exposed to water damage. Immediate sanding is the need of the hour, as it is imperative to get rid of the old layer, which is now deteriorated. Once that has been done, it will enable the resanding of the surface. After resanding, all you need is resealing.

Deep Scratches on the Hardwood Floor

The wood itself is an extremely durable choice when it comes to flooring. High-quality woods can withstand a high amount of footfall that is further accentuated when proper products are applied to it. However, this is not perpetual.

Over time, the condition will deteriorate, scratches will come upon the floors. There are different causes behind it, and it may range from the paws of the pets to the sandy soles of the shoes getting the better of the upper layer of the floor.

So all these are telltale signs that your floor needs sanding and it is high time you get in touch with a company in Perth that is home to the best sanding experts without any delay whatsoever.

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