Significance of Using Sustainable Bio fuels and Bio Liquid for the Environment and Economy

by Dwayne Buzzell Forex

There is no denying that for decades we have been relying on oil and coal as energy sources. That is even after knowing their deleterious effects on the environment. When burned, both energy fuels emit inevitable amounts of green house gases. Not only do these fossil fuels have dangerous and extensive collection methods but are also non-renewable.  Generating them again takes million years – and we are pretty close to exhausting our current supply.

The good news is that, offsetting the dependence on fossil fuels is possible now.  By supplementing non-renewable fuels with β€œbio fuels”, countries can make usable energy sources. Considering the hazardous effects of fossil fuels, many countries are now committed to decrease their dependency on them.  The purpose is not only to reduce increasing global warming but also to achieve cost benefits.

MBP Solutions have been very active to produce cost-efficient solutions for energy generation.  The company has a world-class bio-liquid production system to generate carbon-neutral bio fuels from biogenic residue sources.  The company sets its aim to supply bio fuels, by keeping (Renewable Energy Directives) RED requirements ahead.

What is Bio Fuel?

Produced from renewable biological sources, bio fuel includes a range of different fuels. The common   renewable sources of these fuels include agriculture products and biomass such as sugar cane, vegetable oil, soy, corn, used vegetable oil and rapeseed.  Bio ethanol is one of the commonly extracted bio liquids.

Plant-based bio fuels have comparatively low carbon emissions than fossil fuels, therefore it help reduce green- houses gases to a great extent.  Besides this, bio fuels have great significance when it comes to comparing them with their counterparts.

 Benefits of Using Sustainable Bio fuel

1.        Renewable

 If storing fossil fuels were possible, there would have been no need of finding alternative solutions for the energy sources. This is undeniably one of the most important drawbacks of fossil fuels that they are non-renewable and expire one day.

Bio liquids on the other hand, do not run out as they can be reproduced anytime, anywhere.  They are renewable and generated from sources like soybeans, corn, manure and plant wastes. Produced from agricultural waste, the crop can be easily replanted.

Cost Benefit

Despite the higher market price, bio liquids give you plenty of cost benefits. It may sound peculiar to you but relying on bio liquids has long-term benefits. These benefits are worth the price as they are purer than fossil fuels, producing less carbon emission.  

Besides this, bio liquids are adaptable to various modern engine designs and help them perform well in different conditions. Not only does this feature keep the machines running, but it also reduces the maintenance cost. In addition, it brings down the costs of pollution management as well. The demand of bio fuels have been increased, which means that it is likely the price of the bio fuel will decrease making them affordable for everyone.

 Reduces Global Warming

As mentioned earlier, fossil fuels emit a large amount of hazardous greenhouse gases, responsible for increasing rate of global warming. The burning oils and gases increase the temperature of the earth, making the situation worst.  According to some recent studies, bio liquids can reduce greenhouse gases up to seventy percent. Using bio fuels to reduce the effects of green houses gases is considered beneficial for the environment.  

Alternative Energy Solution

Since energy sources can be grown locally, countries do not need to be dependent on the foreign oil.   Bio fuels are an alternative energy solution that has significantly reduced the dependence on foreign hydrocarbon fuels.  However, according to experts, this process requires more time to solve the energy crisis of developing countries.

 Economic Security

 Not all countries have crude oil reserves, therefore importing hydrocarbon oils at sky-high prices are like a huge dent in their economy. Shifting to bio liquids is one way nations can have economic stability.  It will not only reduce dependency on fossil fuels but also create more opportunities of employment in the bio fuel industry.

Reduce Pollution

The bio fuels cause less toxic waste. That means they play a crucial role in reducing environmental pollutants causing a number of health issues. When bio liquids burn, they release – 70% percent less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  

Moreover, carbon dioxide is used as a by-product in the production of carbon-neutral fuels, and can be used for the plantation.  These crops are then converted into the bio liquids. 

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