Should I buy part-worn tyres?

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Your safety while driving depends a lot on your tyres. They contact the roads on a daily basis. No wonder, you’re able to speed, stop and corner your car because of your heroic and sturdy tyres. The quality and build of your tyres is very important for the performance of your vehicle. New tyres play a significant role in giving you a smooth driving experience on the roads.

However, many people are apprehensive about buying new tyres considering the amount of cost they bring along with them. Not everyone can afford them. That’s where part-worn tyres come into the scene. Since they are used tyres or second-hand tyres, many people like to go for them as they are quite cost-effective in that sense.

However, using these tyres have their own pros and cons. There are various rules attached to them and they must be followed religiously. Though, a survey states that millions of part-worn tyres by Nissan tyres Northampton are sold every year in the UK and the sellers are under an obligation to not flout the rules. Let’s see the rules that come along with them.

What does the law say about part-worn tyres?

It’s absolutely legal to sell these types of tyres in the UK provided all guidelines are adhered to.

  • The most important thing about these tyres is their condition should be absolutely perfect.

  • The sidewall of the tyre should be as sturdy as before and there shouldn’t be any cuts or bulges on the rubber.

  • The cords of the tyre should not be visible.

  • The tyres should have at least 2mm of tread left on them.

  • The word part-worn should be clearly written on the tyres in the blocks.

All the above regulations should be followed by the vendors. Failing to do so, will amount to a serious offence.

Benefits of using part-worn tyres

The economical price of these tyres is a major benefit here. This is what attracts the consumers towards it. Most of the part-worn tyres are imported from Germany as the required tread depth in the region is a minimum of 3mm. So, people can still use them as the legal limit in the UK is 1.6mm - 2mm. So, you can still get quality tyres at a reasonable price.

But there are many cons of using part-worn tyres as well.

Disadvantages of part-worn tyres

  • The biggest disadvantage of part-worn tyres is the safety feature of these tyres. Think about it. They are used tyres. They are abandoned because the previous user considered them unsafe. Now, the big question is, would you like to use such tyres?

  • These tyres aren’t able to give a good grip on the roads. The performance on the wet roads is specifically alarming. With less traction on the roads, cornering will also become a problem.

  • The shelf life of the tyres is also an issue. Wear and tear of such tyres take place at a quicker rate than usual. So, it’s quite natural that you have to keep investing in buying another set of car tyres Northampton.

So what should one do?

Well, buying part-worn tyres is totally a personal choice. But we’d suggest you weigh the pros and cons carefully before fitting them to the car. Buy them only when you are completely satisfied by the physical inspection and the tread depth of the tyres. Make an informed choice and enjoy your driving.

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