Shipping Goods from Warehouse to Customer- Role of Logistics Company

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Afghanistan Express Delivery Companies play a crucial role in dispatching goods from a warehouse. The goal is to deliver the ordered products in excellent condition, meeting the specified delivery times. To achieve this, the process is divided into various essential steps and operations that must be carefully followed. This article will reveal the different phases of this shipping and logistics process.


The stages of shipping goods and the role of a Logistics company    


The shipment of goods corresponds to the last moments of the products in the storage facilities. Let's see what sub-processes it is made up of and what subsequent role is being played by Local Trucking Company in Afghanistan:


1. Planning the deliveries 


In a shipping and logistics company, the smooth flow of operations heavily relies on proper planning. This vital aspect should never be underestimated. The daily shipment organization involves the following steps:

  • Identify and validate the orders scheduled for preparation and shipping on that day.
  • Create a list of orders that need to be prepared.
  • Allocate orders to carriers and inform them about the pickup schedule for the goods.
  • Strategize the use of loading docks efficiently.
  • Calculate the space required for temporary storage and shipments.


2. Consolidation and sorting of goods


In the process of preparing orders, the Best Shipping and Logistics in Afghanistan includes a phase known as consolidation. This step involves combining goods from various warehouse areas into a single location designated for shipment. The proximity of this location within the warehouse suggests its integration into the overall shipping process.


The consolidation process is facilitated by reserving adequate space within the shipping area. Its successful execution relies on the route followed for product collection. In cases where picking hasn't been done accurately, the goods may get stuck in the shipping area until the required references for the order arrive.


3. Document control and packaging


The final step at a shipping and logistics company involves sending out goods from the warehouse to customers. This phase is crucial as we review all documents to prevent mistakes and ensure accurate deliveries. To achieve this, various papers like order receipts, picking notes, delivery notes, waybills, and bills of lading are carefully checked. The goal is to match the products ordered with what's on the pallet or package, aligning all information with the warehouse management software.


Operators play a vital role in adhering to carrier standards for weight and volume necessary for labeling. Simultaneously, they pack goods into cartons or pallets, sealing and filming them securely. Some e-commerce sites even personalize orders with gift packaging or create kits and packs for products on sale.


4. Loading the goods


The shipping and logistics company ensures a smooth departure of goods from the warehouse, carefully verifying documents to avoid mistakes and ensure customer satisfaction. Before loading the orders onto the assigned truck, crucial steps are taken. They check if the right truck is at the dock and then arrange the merchandise carefully, using equipment like pallet trucks or forklifts to balance the loads and secure the truck. Once everything is set, the carrier signs the required documents. However, it's essential to be cautious as loading and unloading pose risks to workers, including falls and handling accidents.


The location of the shipping area in the warehouse depends on factors like shipment volume, daily routes, and work schedules. Often, it's placed near the docks to facilitate smooth transitions between inbound and outbound operations. This area might include preloading and temporary storage space, which can be a simple open area for packages and pallets or equipped with roller conveyors for faster loading.


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