Shadows Of The Unforgettable Past

by Luv S. Sr.Content & Social Media Writer

I know past is something we can't forget. We all have faced so many things which would have taught us a lot. People generally say we should forget our past, even I think the same but how to forget the past?

The best way to forget the past is to really try and drive this idea into your mind that

“ Nobody really cares “

Yes, that’s the truth. Nobody really cares what happened in your past life except you. So, try to keep this thought and you will be a free soul.

Most of the people are stuck in the past or fixated on future, but never live their present. They crib about their past, blame their bad luck or others for what happened to them. We forget that we can't do anything about past. We should learn from the events/mistakes from our past & take right decisions at the present because our future will depend on what we do right now. That’s how we can correct what we have done in our past.

If you really can’t forget past then try to analyze it. I'm not encouraging you being more positive, matter fact, I'm encouraging accepting the negativity. The dark, ugly, scary part of yours. By tricking your consciousness with forced positivity doesn’t work to overcome your bad parts.

Don't get me wrong I'm all about positive thinking, I'm all about good stuff. But you can't have the good without the bad. And as long there is something within you that's is dragging you down, no amount of positivity is going to help you unless you accept, and understand the negative part.

Keep in mind all these feelings of shame, sorrow and guilt are only because of this world and whatever person important to you. When you are not permanent in this world how these feelings can be.  Don’t let this fear of world destroy your confidence, inner peace and your “WILL” to live and treasure every moment.

Bottomline - If can’t forget the past then embrace your past. Try your best to remember times you were happy. Don’t make it painful and sad by thinking sad chapters of life. This will spoil you & everyone around you. Life is all about being happy and cheerful; so let go of your baggage, forgive your enemies & yourself. Every day is a fresh start. Smile & conquer the world.

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Liya Smith Freshman  Online Assignment Help
nice blog i love to read this blog THANK YOU for Sharing With Us.
Feb 1st 2018 00:44   
Rajendra Dubey Junior   software developers
very nice blog , I would love to hear more like this. waiting for your next blog
Feb 6th 2018 08:43   
Luv S. Advanced  Sr.Content & Social Media Writer
Thanks a lot for liking my blogs
Feb 6th 2018 22:21   
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