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by Lisa W. Shape The Market™
Have you ever taken the time to see how your website fairs on a results page? Of course you have, your business is your baby. However, has this process disappointed you because you didn’t rank high enough? Naturally, because according to Joel House, 92% of the share of traffic is received by companies who show up on the first page of results. A crucial reason for this is poor Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This is the technique exercised by marketers to increase the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. Essentially, effective SEO ranks you higher against your competition. After all, users don’t search through 5 pages just to find you. We all know we click on the first one. This is why at Shape the Market, we offer SEO Training in London, to give your business, brand or service, the tools at its disposal to stand out.

So, what is the exact point of SEO? Surely, you can gain notoriety without the use of SEO? Well, you can gain traffic without effective SEO. However, you would be disadvantaged and disappointed that your competitors would fare better than you. Advanced Web Ranking discovered that 67% of all clicks go to the first five organic results. So whilst you could be a part of that 33%, why not take SEO as part of your marketing campaign? Here, at Shape the Market, we emphasize SEO as part of your campaign. Organic forms of marketing, such as SEO, have recently been proven to be more viable over paid ads such as pay per view. According to Databox, 70% of respondents said that SEO is a more effective means of driving sales for your business. The proof is in the pudding and obtain a free quote here, today!

So how exactly does SEO work? Well, keyword research is pivotal to having effective SEO. Keyword research enables you to rank highly because it allows you to find popular keywords that attract your target audience. According to Backlinko, even the use of a keyword in a title tag can produce higher rankings! Look for words which encapsulate your product or service but also bolster it. Here at Shape the Market, we recognize that understanding as well as creating effective SEO is difficult. It is why in our SEO Training London course, we offer you and your staff the ability to become masters at keyword analysis and research and have a working knowledge of long tail keywords. After all, having a thorough understanding over a service is much more cost effective than purchasing the service itself.

Next, you have On page optimization. This  pertains to the content itself on your page. Is it gripping, exciting and well maintained? Crucially, 50% of the total organic search visits were made through phones. Ensure that your website is enhanced for all users as neglecting half through poor optimization is hardly commercially beneficial to you. Lastly, you have Off-page promotion. This  is the sharing of your content and building links to your website. For instance, the use of discounts. According to eMarketer, 34% of millennial internet users look for online coupons on a weekly basis. This is why at Shape the Market, as part of our training course, we teach you a comprehensive understanding of on and off page SEO and backlink SEO. After all, attracting people outside of your website onto it, is almost as important as the website itself.

It all sounds a bit confusing. The use of keywords to optimizing your page all seems to require a working knowledge of SEO. However, Google receives over 75,000 searches per second and according to HubSpot, 75% of online traffic will only visit websites on the first page of results. Effectively, not using SEO commercially disadvantages you as, despite how good you think you are, potential users will not take the time to find you. This is why at Shape the Market, our SEO Training London course is accessible. Irrespective of your existing knowledge of SEO, benefit will be reaped from our course as we aim to enrich our course with easy to access, uncomplicated knowledge and detail. Click here for a free quote today!

Ultimately, having knowledge over an effective segment marketing campaign is just as important as a marketing campaign itself. SEO is the crucial foundation which can enable your business to gain the attention you know it deserves. Shape the Market, know how hard it is to get ranked. It’s why we are here for you.

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