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If you are interested in selling your car and want to do so privately, then you have come to the right place. The internet has done its magic again and has brought you to the right article. 

Putting your car up for sale is a big decision. If you want to do it privately then Cash It Car Buy My Car is the one for you. You can enlist your car without having to go through much of a middle man. 

Middlemen pose a marvelous amount of threat to the new buyer, do they not? There are always a hundred follow-up questions that startle the buyer. The middle man usually asks the seller to lower the price. For a person who is selling their car for the first time, this makes it terrifying. 

It is best to find an online website to list your car in to avoid any middlemen. But even then, there are certain thumb rules that you must follow to keep your experience a pleasurable one. Here are some of those. 


As important as it is that you get enough good offers to select from. It is equally as important that you do not get scammed. It is unfortunately not uncommon to have people set a session up for consultation and then cheat the sellers. Therefore, you must be careful.

Other than that, there is a good chance that most of the offers you will get you will not like. So for you to waste as little time as possible scrounging through the thousands of options that do not stand a chance, screen the buyers. 

This will allow you to get only the most interested and genuine buyers for your car. You can then choose the best offer from there and move ahead with the selling process. 

Test Drive

It is very common for new buyers to test drive the car that they intend to buy. They just want to check on how to operate the vehicle. On the surface, the intention is not problematic.

However, people can use it in the wrong and unethical way very easily. Therefore, you must be cautious. Screening the possible buyers are one way to reduce such mishaps from occurring. 

But that can not eliminate the chances of you getting robbed of your vehicle. 

Planning a good and well-thought road for your test drivers to drive your car around is another thing that you can do to make sure the safety of your vehicle is intact. 

Make sure that you are only allowing people to get the option of test driving that you are pleased with the offers. Offers of people that you did not like need not be given the privilege of taking a ride. 

Make sure that you fix a given route for the test drive. It is best if you can put a tracker device on the car. However, it is understandably costly to buy a tracking device on the car. Therefore what you can do is to plan a short route that goes around a fairly populated road. 

The road should be busy enough that many people can be the witness if your car goes missing. 

Bonus points if you can find a road that is surveilled by the government. Then you will have legal records of your car being there. 


Last but not the least, the most important part. The transaction of money. Even though there are a thousand options that make the transaction process just so much easier, make sure that you take the road that keeps the most evidence. 

If you think you want to avail all the easy internet banking options then go for it. However, creating proper documents for the money transaction will be necessary. 

This is where getting a reliable site such as Sell My Chevrolet comes into play. They make sure that you have enough evidence and the money is transferred to the seller from the buyer quickly. 

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