Securing The Accounts Using Two Way Authentication

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Many companies have come to realize that security of their networks can no longer be entrusted on passwords because there is a great advancement in technology and hackers are advanced too. This has brought the need for more high-level security which is multi-factor authentication service. This security service provides two ways of identification. One is physical for instance regular password, and the other can face unlocking, biometrics or smart cards. This increases the security level, and chances of theft decrease sharply. It is very important to the personal information of users safe. Realizing this, most internet and social media websites use powerful passwords. This is done through a combination of a static and login password. Although it is considered safe, two way protections are more reliable than a single one.

It is an active process that is based on two or more factors to authenticate the identity of an individual online. The first factor refers to something that the user knows whereas the second factor relates to what you have while the third factor refers to something that you are. A combination of all these factors can lead to a very cost effective form of tokenless two-factor authentication.

Threats to online security such as hardware and software key loggers are one-way fraud attacks occur. These types of threats are often difficult to detect, and two-factor authentication solution methods which utilize out of band authentication with dynamic one-time passwords reduces these types of attacks. Even if key loggers retrieve one factor of authentication, they will not be able to retrieve the second factor of authentication such as the dynamic one-time password sent through a mobile phone.

Using multiple networks to authenticate an authorized user makes it more difficult for fraud attacks to occur and lessons the likelihood of data being intercepted. Like any security solution, two factor authentications is not a bulletproof authentication solution to fraud attacks, but it's one of the most effective ways to authenticate users and protect sensitive information. Adding layers of security such as two-factor authentication is the standard in many industries and will continue to be to protect against fraud and unauthorized access.

Security companies make it possible for business, corporations, and individuals to use these devices to protect their information. The security company set up the two-factor authentication and will provide the business or individual with the information that they need to know in order to work it. It is generally a simple process, with little-to-no training needed. Businesses can provide Multi Factor Authentication secure access to their website to both their employees and their customers. A firewall is usually set up to allow only certain, approved users to access information. Some companies provide an electronic token card for their consumers. To use this token card, the consumer must go to the site where they want to log in. Typically, the user will then enter the number that comes up on the card and will be able to access the site. At times, though, the user must enter another password, like a PIN number, that is set up to protect the token card in case of theft.

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