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These are used extensively by industries and find commercial applications too. The modern SWRO systems are manufactured for the highest level of quality output with greater efficiency. The Seawater desalination systems are designed based on the requirements it is required to fulfill.

Key Features:

The SWRO Watermaker comes with a set of features designed for one particular purpose, producing freshwater from the oceans anywhere. Some of the features that make this unique are:

  • The capacities of this range from 150 to 264,000 gallons of water per day. This capacity is decided by the type of the product and their use.
  • They are made with intricate and ergonomically designed for easier understanding of its functions
  • Each of these comes with a set of customized reverse osmosis system, including the stages and membrane. This design is again based on the purpose it will be utilized for.
  • SWRO is well designed for installation in restricted spaces and does not requires special preparations. Moreover, some of the machines are portable for the purpose of easy transportation everywhere.

SWRO systems are some of the world's most wanted products in the universe of reverse osmosis and desalination systems as their purpose is somewhat streamlined. These are much needed for areas of operation and in a field of work where access to fresh resources is limited. Keeping this in mind the SWRO systems are further divided into types for specific purposes.

1. Portable Emergency:

Serving in urgent situations and are designed for an emergency. Keeping this in mind, they come equipped with solar panels for power that can also be provided through the battery of your car. It has major applications in survival camping, Onshore, and Offshore, Natural disasters and expeditions. It thus has a capacity of 150-200 gallons per day.

2. Land-based:

These are fully equipped and automated machines meant for desalination of seawater and brackish supply from nearby sources. Used by Offshore, Industries, Hotels, Resorts, Commercial and Cargo ships, they have capacities of 1,000 to 264,000 gallons per day.

3. Offshore:

These are probably one of the most crucial machinery in the Oil & Gas Industry. Not only does this come with the key features of a SWRO but the explosion free structure to ensure supply even in the extreme of any situation. It also finds applications in LNG/LPG carriers and Platform support vehicles. Its capacities are with the likes of the land-based watermakers.

4. Military SWRO Fresh:

As the name suggests, these are specially designed for Military purposes hence have to be NATO certified. Commonly used by Navy, Marine, Air Force and Army Corps, the installations are in Amphibious cruisers, destroyers, submarines etc.

The SWRO desalination systems manufactured have to be of the highest standard with quality, reliability, effectiveness, and value. This is stressed more because of the important nature of the operations where it will be utilized for desalination. No one can afford a failed SWRO system and hence it has to be manufactured with high standards and precision.

Ampac USA is a leading manufacturer of advanced reverse osmosis water treatment systems. For over 30 years the company has been providing its customers and clients around the world solutions to their problems. With years of an impressive track record, Ampac strives to develop solutions to make Seawater Desalination systems, advanced for improved quality and cost efficiency

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