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A scrap yard is a commercial place where worn-out vehicles, industrial machines and other such junk materials are collected. The material so collected is then divided essentially into two parts – the usable parts like tires etc., are sold off to be used in other vehicles and equipment’s while the scrap metal parts that forms the non-usable part is sold to companies that are involved in recycling the metal. There are quite a few scrap yards in Brooklyn. Also known as wrecking yard or even junkyard, these scrap yards pay competitive prices for each of the parts sold, depending upon the weight of the scrap. While scrap metals, that is ferrous and non-ferrous ones, command good money against resale, the usable parts too are very much in demand and hence the owner is paid reasonably well for these parts too.

While internet has conquered all parts of our lives, scrap yards in Brooklyn are not left far behind. Like all other commercial businesses, these yards also have online presence making it quite simple and easy for sellers – individual or industrial – to contact them via phone or email. An individual home owner who is looking at renovating his home or liquidating his entire stock of old appliances can comfortably get in touch with one of the many scrap yards in Brooklyn to negotiate a fair deal. Similarly, certain industries like construction, manufacturing, demolition companies etc. that churn out surplus scrap metal on a regular basis are customers to the services of scrap yards. 

At a typical scrap yard in Brooklyn, the yard staff will weigh the metal and based on the weight and current existing market prices, the seller will be paid.  The scrap metals are divided into ferrous, non-ferrous and electronic scrap. Ferrous metals are ones that contain considerable amount of iron and steel and are paid lower value compared to the non-ferrous metals that are non-magnetic like aluminum, brass, copper and bronze. Electronic scrap on the other hand generally contain precious metals that are part of mother boards, hard drives etc. These scrap metals are metals like gold, platinum and silver. These scrap metals are sold off to industries that require them to make new products. 

Scrap yards in Brooklyn would never be in central areas of the city, at least not in the business areas or places where people visit in great numbers like malls etc. Since the yards require huge space and area for loading, offloading and storage of materials as well as movement of vehicles, they are typically situated in the outskirts or closer to industrial areas of Brooklyn. 

When you arrive at a scrap yard in Brooklyn, it would first sort out the different scrap materials that you have got. Once done, they will weigh each part and metal separately and as per existing market rates will quote different prices for the different materials. Since it is physically challenging to carry the scrap from one yard to another, it is best to contact them online and take a quotation before selling.

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