Search engine optimization risks to be taken by an SEO company

by Satish Gatt Software Developer

A lot of business owners still do not understand the requirement for SEO services. A lot of people cannot understand how a trick with some search words can do wonders for a business.

However, the owners cannot be blamed entirely because there are a lot of myths and false information about search engine optimization that is floating around the web space.

Yes, there are risks around everything but what business idea does not contain risks. In order to succeed the risks are needed to be taken although you can undertake a preventive measure to reduce the losses.

Similar is the case with search engine optimization. An SEO company has to construct an effective strategy that might be long-term but it will give fruitful results in the end. Such a technique can help a brand gain more exposure and a huge amount of profit.

The risks that can be undertaken are,

1. Getting backlinks and returning backlinks 

Many people do not know but creating quality backlinks are an essential part of SEO campaigns. While this is considered to be the toughest job, it is a little risky as well. When you are on the quest to gain as many links as possible, chances are that some might even be spammy. 

However, it is essential to monitor the process because too many spam links can create a problem as Google may penalize for this. The best SEO services providers state that one other way to gain useful backlinks is by offering backlinks to the websites. This technique can be beneficial to show that you offer authoritative links to other websites. However, it can make you lose some customers but at last, it will be a happy ending.

2. Website redesigning

With the changing world, it is customary to change the workflow of the business and so becomes the need for the website. However, while it is risky, yet a worth step to be taken. Though in the start, old customers might find it difficult to get used of the new outlook yet in the end, it will bring more customers.

An SEO service provider can do this by asking the website development company to redesign the site as per the SEO guidelines and provide a user-friendly interface with intuitive designs. This way, the domain authority remains same and ranking improves with traffic being diverted onto the new design.

3. Changing through the live version

Any digital marketing technique involves people running tests on various strategic options to gain traffic on the site. This is riskier as for some the search engine might not be able to crawl the pages but for the others, the results can be exemplary.

Therefore, running A/B tests on various tactics is important. Playing with keywords, titles, meta descriptions, etc can be helpful in diverting a lot of traffic to the site and thus, create possibilities for more number of leads.

4.Buying the available domains

A search engine optimization company suggests buying the expired or available domains. This is so because many people often forget to renew their domain and it can be a good opportunity to gain some useful backlinks. Same is the case with expired domains. A huge amount of traffic can be transferred to the website.

The risk with this technique is that one has to be assured that the available domain will divert the potential traffic only or else the users can even mark you spam. However, with the expired domain the risk of spammy backlinks exists and therefore, a cleanup is essential after the purchase.

5. URL structure of the site

The experts of SEO website optimization suggest using short URL structures so that they can be easily traced by the spiders of search engines. It is, however, risky to enhance the URL but with time it is essential to change the structure and include keywords in it so that traffic could be diverted.


The afore-mentioned risks though may have some uncertainties yet they are worth taking because they can offer positive end result.

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