School Tips: Importance of Digital Technology in the Classroom

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Technology continues to gain prominence throughout the world, and one of the most important places for its application is in the classroom.  There are myriad reasons to explain why teachers and instructors should be looking to increase the use of technology for their students.  Next, we will look at some of these reasons and highlight some tools instructors can implement to take the use of tech to a higher level in the classroom.

Perhaps the most important element of the use of technology in the classroom is that fact that it can improve accuracy in grading and enhance student engagement.  Many teachers find the grading of papers to be overly time-consuming. But there are many tools that make grading essays easier and more time-effective.  When teachers are successfully able to implement technology and integrate these tools into lessons, students can more reasonably be expected to be interested in the topics and subjects they are studying.  Technology tools can provide different opportunities for instructors to make learning more fun and enjoyable. These tools can enable teachers to view their subjects in new terms and then to be able to begin teaching same things in new and alternative ways.

Tech Examples in Practice

For example, educators can begin delivering instruction through gamification, or by taking students on virtual field trips.  These are only a few examples of what is available, and there are many other online learning resources that are being introduced every day. What’s more, tech can truly encourage a more active a student participation and help cultivate the learning process.  For many teachers, this is a difficult element to achieve through the traditional student - teacher lecture environment.

Additionally, the use of tech has shown a clear improvement in test stores.  Specifically, this means that technology tools have helped to improve knowledge retention.  Students that are more fully engaged and interested in the topics they are studying are generally expected to have better knowledge retention.  There are direct links here, as technology helps encourage active classroom participation it is an important factor to increase knowledge retention.

Improving Technology Formats

Different formats of technological tools can help with experimental teaching strategies.  This provides important information to decide what works best for students in retaining topical knowledge.  Furthermore, technology can encourage the practice of individual learning. This is important because no two students learn in the same way.  Each student has a different learning style and classrooms exhibit different abilities. Technology is useful because it can provides great opportunities to make learning more effective for students with different needs and different levels of comprehension.

For instance, many students are simply better able to learn at their own speed, to review difficult concepts more slowly or to skip ahead if the topic is already understood.  What’s more, tech can offer better opportunities for students that are struggling or developmentally disabled. When teachers offer access to the internet in their classrooms, it can give students a chance to access a broader range of resources and to conduct research projects in different and inventive ways.  This is another example if a way teachers can increase the engagement of students through the world of technology.

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