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by Emma Colton Waste Water Treatment
Humans often disrespect the environment and throw waste in water. This waste is harmful for the aquatic animals and threatens the natural ecological balance of the environment.Sewer, Commercial, agricultural, domestic,industrial waste infiltration, storm water or surface run off water is categorised as used and dirty wastewater. This “by product” water is unfit for human consumption because it contains biological, chemical and physical contaminants. This water can be poisonous and dangerous if ingested. On the basis of this the wastewater can be classified as domestic, industrial and municipal or sewage wastewater.

Sewage water, domestic water and municipal water is collected with rainwater, bathing, using toilet, washing clothes, and this along with industrial water is full of toxins, chemicals and bacteria. This wastewater as the name suggests is not suitable for use. The only way to use this wastewater is to convert it and discharge it back to where it came- into the environment. The contaminants or pollutants in the water have to be reduced with treatments and the water has to be made acceptable so that it can be released back to the environment.This process can be effortlessly carried out with the help of Wastewater Disposal Services.

The impurities of the water are removed before this water goes and pours itself into estuaries, lagoons, lakes, oceans and rivers. Natural water also contains a few impurities and that also has to be cleaned before use so that it becomes fit for swimming, drinking or fishing. It is the type of pollutants and contaminants that the water contains that categorise it as wastewater. The drainage of the wastewater that is full of contaminants into groundwater increases the pollution level of water.

Manufacturing companies, industrial units, and factories wastewater needs to be treated very well physically because it contains dangerous toxins that are very harmful for the biosphere and environment. Wastewater is treated with physical, chemical and biological processes and the waste matter in it is broken down and the water is cleaned and can then be disposed with help of wastewater disposal services so that it can be used for alternative means like irrigation etc.

Waste management becomes essential because waste water has to be collected and then transported to dispose of the sewage, waste and garbage. The solid wastes are treated and the water is recycled for use. Waste water disposal services are imperative in helping dig out the valuable resource “water” from scrap and waste. Proper planning and waste management is necessary to dispose of substances and products that are not needed and utilising wastes and water as a resource for the benefit of the environment efficiently. 

This can be summarised in four steps:

1) Collection of wastewater
2) Transporting wastewater to the area where it will be treated
3) Treating the wastewater appropriately
4) Disposal of waste and water

The activity of disposal and treatment will be undertaken under state and legal regulations so that the environment is kept in mind and the appropriate balance is maintained.

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