Save on Energy Costs with Improved Attic Insulation

by Legend Roofs OK Roofing contractor Norman OK

An entire set of roof products must work together for your roof to perform optimally, including attic ventilation and insulation. With adequate attic insulation, you can prevent the majority of your home’s warmth from escaping through the attic in the winter and help keep you warm. This whole process can help you in keep your houses warm and cool in their respective seasons and can help in saving such expenses.

U.S. Department of Energy data shows that heating and cooling together account for 50-70 percent of the energy used in the average American home, but that does not have to mean homeowners will be saddled with outrageous energy bills. At the same time as a new roof is being installed, you can install the right insulation in the attic to ensure that the roof performs optimally and save 20 percent on your energy bills.

Additionally, insulation provides many other benefits, including controlling moisture and air infiltration, ensuring good ventilation, and conserving energy and resources. However, many homeowners are not able to utilize this barrier to its full potential because they are not properly insulated.  The North American Insulation Manufacturers Association estimates that 90 percent of U.S. homes are under-insulated.

For you to avoid falling into this category, make sure you understand exactly what insulation is, why it is important, how much insulation you need in your attic, and what type you should use.

What does insulation do?

In winter, heat tries to escape from a home, and in summer, it tries to get into a home, attics, basements, and garages are the spaces where this air exchange occurs most frequently. The primary function of insulation is to resist heat transfer by trapping air in tiny pockets, so heat is not transferred from on into your house through the roof and doors.

How much insulation is needed?

Several factors can influence how much insulation is recommended for your home The amount of insulation needed will vary based on the climate where you live, the age of the home and how much insulation you already have.

The thermal resistance of insulation is measured in terms of R-values, which indicate how well it resists heat flow. Higher R-values mean better insulation.

In Zone 2, which includes much of Florida, the U.S. Department of Energy recommends an attic that is uninsulated with an R-30 to R-60 value. For most Florida homes, an R-38 value is recommended –and this translates to an R-53 value.

What are the types of insulation?

Fiberglass or cellulose loose-fill insulation (blow in) – This type of insulation begins as large blocks of recycled paper, which are chewed up by machines into small pieces, then sprayed into the attic. Insulation is created by covering your attic’s floor in insulation, and ensuring that it reaches those hard-to-reach corners and cervices.

Roll or Batt Insulation (Fiberglass or Rockwool) – Batt insulation is often seen laid in sheets or rolls and is more efficient per square inch than loose-fill. Nevertheless, it may not be effective at filling minor gaps in your attic and is not ideal for attics with few standard joists or penetrations or with too many obstructions.

Why should I install insulation during a re-roof?

With insulation installed when your roof is being replaced, you will avoid disruptions inside your house and ensure your roof is in the best possible condition. Furthermore, you won’t need to worry about the possibility of mold and mildew growth within the insulation.

Tadlock Roofing has partnered with Owens Corning to offer the Owens Corning AttiCat Expanding Blow-in Insulation System that can be quickly and easily installed in your attic at the same time that a new roof is installed.

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