Savage Chic: Stylish Gifts for Interior Design Aficionados

by Andrew Lemieux Creative writer & content strategist

Aficionados of interior design are artists apart from the rest. Haunting thrift shops for dusty decor tchotchkes and collecting back issues of Architectural Digest, their aesthetic is shepherded by the greats, from architect Frank Lloyd Wright to furniture gurus Ray and Charles Eames. What does one gift such an interior design-enthralled unicorn? Stylish gifts for interior design aficionados take many forms but how do you find just the right gift for the design-conscious sophisticate? It’s easier than you think!

Savage chic is what you seek, disarming your gifting target with the savagery of the unexpected and arrestingly striking. Interior design aficionados want what no one else has. They seek the distinctive, the beautiful, and the avant-garde. If it’s something you’ve not seen before; if it’s oddly compelling and tactile, yet luxuriously crafted, you know it’s going to be a hit with your design-mad recipient! So let’s hack our way through the lush jungle of savage chic. Get ready to raid its lost ark for design-forward treasures, returning with the ideal stylish gift for your interior design aficionado.

Dopamine: If It’s Good to You, It’s Good for You

The trend toward natural materials, colors, and fabrics in interior design will continue into 2024, joined by the organic high of dopamine decor. Where naturalism slows down to smell the flowers, dopamine decor riots joyfully in the mind, its capering colors and playful aesthetic triggering the release of the body’s “feel good” chemical.

Fun, frolicsome, and energetic, dopamine decor works from the premise that your home environment sets the mood for living. Color is central to the impulse, with natural colors replaced by vibrant jewel tones, luscious pastels, primary colors, and energetic patterns. Savage chic finds a home in the dopamine decor trend, especially in the form of handmade home decor. Choose the off-center, the kitsch, and the playful to delight and amuse your interior design aficionado. They’ll soon be finding ways to feature that savagely chic decor firecracker you’ve gifted them as the on-trend jewel it is!

Biophilia: the Savage Chic of Nature

As mentioned above, natural materials, textures, and colors are surging on a wave of eco-consciousness that continues to grow. This is the biophilic design trend, centering the love of all that is organic, natural, and alive. Natural light, natural materials, and living plants are all part of this trend.

There is a strong 70s flavor to this impulse, with wood paneling cladding walls, open interior spaces, skylights, floor-to-ceiling windows, and macrame for days! Even flooring gets the biophilic treatment in 2024, with jute and sisal carpeting making a comeback. But don’t worry if your friend’s home has wood or laminate flooring. Nubby, handmade rugs and weathered orientals in jewel tones are just the ticket to take the chill off. Find a rug that imitates the look of moss for a sterling decor touch your interior design-mad loved one will swoon for.

Huge in the biophilic decor trend are plants and plant-specific display solutions, like glass spheres. In Seattle, Amazon has erected a series of geodesic domes to house natural environments for employees. Scale that monumental idea down to tickle your design aficionado’s fancy with biophilic savage chic that brings the natural world inside. Beautiful, tactile, savagely chic plant display spheres are the decor item of the year for this trend.

Srila Chatterjee: Savagely Chic India

The name Srila Chatterjee may be new to you but in the pantheon of the subcontinent’s interior design class, she stands as leader. Her stunning work is marked by the rich colors of India, punctuated by the nation’s ancient folkloric traditions, and luxury fit for the princes of Rajasthan. But Chatterjee’s adept blending of Mid-Century Modern shapes with flourishes of Indian embellishment make her a powerhouse, ready to cross into the consciousness of interior design aficionados everywhere.

And your interior design-obsessed loved one should probably know about a designer this fresh, among other savagely chic Indian designers. Interior design is just one corner of India’s rich matrix of art and culture, bringing its unique perspective to the party to refresh Western sensibilities. Amaze your interior design aficionado with the design savagery of Srila Chatterjee, shaking up the conventional with the energy and color of India. 

Choose from the gorgeously curated collection of decor items at Chatterjee’s Baro Market.  Perhaps the elephant-headed Hindu god, Ganesh, depicted on a terracotta tile riding a bicycle? Impress your interior design aficionado with the gift of a savagely chic piece from an emerging designer’s curated artisan collection. Imagine how impressed they’ll be!

So, you see, when you know your way around the trends in interior design, it’s pretty easy to find even the most sophisticated aficionado savagely chic decor they’ll treasure. Happy gifting!

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