Sanitary Napkins and Menstrual Tampons: What to Pick

by Harleen Kaur Content Writing
If you want to get the best protection and maximum comfort during menstruation then it is very important that you use some exceptional quality menstrual tampons and sanitary pads. The quality ensures that you will stay clear of leakage, staining and hence will stay confident throughout. Read on.

Dealing with menstruation has to be one of the most difficult experiences a woman has to go through every month. Along with the blood flow, it comes with a myriad different premenstrual symptoms such as soreness and aches in different parts of the body such as stomach, back, head, thighs etc, extreme fatigue, nausea, mood swings and so on. These make the entire experience much worse and refrain you from going about a normal day. Right from going to work to doing all other regular chores become painful. These are however inevitable and, in most cases, occur every month and there is not much you can do about them apart from trying out a few home remedies. What you can do is use some good quality menstrual products which can further prevent additional troubles such as leakage, staining, sleepless nights and even infections.

When menstrual products are concerned, sanitary pads and menstrual tampons are the two commonly used ones. Even though the usage is totally different from each other, both these products help in absorbing the menstrual blood and are super gentle and comfortable to the skin. Between these two products, sanitary pads are more popular in women and the method of wearing them is the main reason. Sanitary pads have to be attached to the panties while tampons need to be inserted right into the vagina. The idea of insertion often scares many women away and also there are many myths surrounding tampons. But tampons can be as comfortable as pads once you get the hang of using them right.

To use a tampon correctly, you can either squat or put one of your legs on top of a stool and then carefully insert the tampon inside. Once it is inside, make sure to leave the string it comes with outside so that you can pull it out easily whenever you want. Some of the tampon brands today even come with an easy-to-use applicator which makes the entire process of insertion much easier. If you are trying a tampon out for the first time, this applicator will be a huge help to you. It is recommended that you do not double the method such as using a sanitary napkin along with a tampon. This will do more harm than any good to you. Instead, for the first time, you can try it while you stay at home so that you do not have to constantly worry about leakage or staining.

The two best variants of tampons available today are: Regular and Super. The regular variant is for your light or regular flow days and the super variant is for your heavy flow days.

Coming to sanitary pads or period pads, there are so many different variants available in the market today which can make it difficult for you to choose one particular variant. To make it easier, find out what it is that you need in your sanitary pads such as heavy coverage, bacterial protection, maximum hip coverage, an exceptional absorption capacity and so on. Whichever meets your needs the most, is your pick.

Here are the top variants the sanitary pads brands have come up with -

Antibacterial pads
As the name suggests, these pads can give bacterial protection and therefore are best for those of you who are prone to catching infections during periods. These napkins come with a unique green sheet on top which is made with natural ingredients and can give 99.9% protection from bacteria such as Staphylococcus Aureus, Candida Albicans and Escherichia Coli.

Overnight pads
These pads are for those of you who find it difficult to fall asleep in the night with the blood flow going on. These pads are equipped with qualities which give you better protection. They come with a wider hip guard which covers your panty from the back and therefore the blood drips right on top of the napkin and not anywhere else. They have a flexi absorb system that makes the napkin move along with your body so that it stays hugging your body even as you toss and turn. All you have to do is just change into a fresh napkin right before you hit the bed and as soon as you wake up to maintain good hygiene.

If you want to pay attention to hygiene during your non-period days, then using panty liners is the best choice. The panty liner brands today have come up with different variants for you to choose from. You will find these panty liners online and offline at affordable prices.

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