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Set Up Form Options For T4 Slips And T4 SummaryThe main time the settlements sum will appear on the T4 Summary is in the event that you utilized the "Pay Remittances" highlight in Simply during the time when recording your Receiver General settlement installment for finance. Some cases user can't able to access Print T4 Slips and Summary reports they can get in touch with Sage Support Phone Number to check which settings require to do.  In any case this crate won't populate, it will be zero as you expressed. It doesn't mean your books aren't right, just that the T4 Summary isn't right at that spot. On the off chance that you are documenting a paper duplicate of the Summary with the T4's to CRA, at that point simply enter the right sum in the settlements confine and the right sum the distinction box.  On the off chance that you are documenting your T4's on the web, alongside the Summary, enter every one of your numbers accurately on the online structure. I generally fill in my T4 Summary physically, or on the web if that is the manner by which you are documenting, in the wake of printing one from the Simply framework to use to concur every one of my figures and for my records. Check the sum appearing on your PD7AR after your settlement for the measure of your settlements for 2010 and enter that sum in the "settlements" box on your T4 Summary. The sum that is appeared in contrast box ought to be appeared at box 82(minus settlements). So please help me in settling this issue some how? Your sum in the distinction box ought to be zero if every one of your settlements have been made accurately consistently. Today I was printing T4 Summary for CRA, everything sum was right on the structure with the exception of box 82(minus settlements). This crate is demonstrating sum 0.00 and contrast is shown in the case beneath it.

How To Fix Sage 50 Print T4 Summary

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Print T4 Slips And Summary

In the Home window, on the Reports menu, pick Payroll, and afterward Print T4 Slips and Summary. 

T4's Sage 50 Print And Summary Printing With Wrong Font And Mis-spaced Characters.

For as far back as hardly any years, Sage has not had the option to print T4's appropriately on plain paper. I would prefer not to hear that I need to dive into the grisly guts of Windows and change a setting. That is not how things should function. I have attempted around 8 unique printers and had similar outcomes on each. Be that as it may, I utilize the Accountants Version. On the off chance that I duplicate my customer's information to my adaptation, the T4's look like trash. In the event that I print at their office, utilizing their non-Accountants Version, the T4's print fine - simply like they should on the Accountants Version. Two years back, we needed to enter information for 50+ workers in AvanTax, which really conveys what they guarantee. This was simply squandered hours. Sage ought to perceive the issue and fixing it as opposed to attempting to redirect the fault. All I need is a bookkeeping bundle that can deliver the reports it publicizes. I have utilized Sage since its beginnings as Simply, and I'm getting exhausted. 

To print a T4 Slips and Summary

  1. In the Select Year area, select the year you need printed. 
  2. Select a representative or workers from the rundown, or pick Select All to incorporate all workers. 
  3. On the off chance that you have to print T4 slips for dormant. 
  4. Representatives, select the Include Inactive Employees check box, and afterward select the latent workers in the rundown. 
  5. To print T4 slips for the central government, select the Print CRA Copy check box. 
  6. To print T4 slips for your representatives and your organization records, select the Print Employee And Company Copies check box. 
  7. To print a T4 outline for documenting, select the Print CRA T4 Summary check box. 
  8. Fill in the containers on the T4 Summary Business Information and T4 Summary Contact Information tabs, or confirm the data showed on these tabs. 
  9. Snap OK. 
  10. In the Income segment of the T4 Box Option exchange, pick the crate number to print every pay sum in, or leave the cases clear (click the bolt catch to one side of a container to show a rundown of the numbers from which you can pick). 
  11. In the Deductions segment, pick the container number to print every conclusion sum in, or leave the crates clear (click the bolt catch to one side of a case to show a rundown of the numbers from which you can pick. 
  12. Snap OK. 
  13. Discretionary) Missing or address organization and representative data can be entered in your organization data and in the worker record individually. 

How to Print T4 Slips and Summary


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  • I need to print my T4 slips and rundown. How would I do this? 
  • I have a functioning Business Care plan that incorporates finance administrations.


In order to be able to print T4, RL-1s, slips and summaries, your business must be enrolled with an active Sage Business Care plan that includes payroll services.

  1. Snap on Reports, Payroll, at that point Print T4 Slips and Summary Note: Put a checkmark for "incorporate inert workers" in the event that you need to print a T4 for a representative who was ended in the year you are printing T4's for. 
  2. Separately select the representatives you might want to print T4's for or click the Select All catch to choose all workers. You can choose different workers without choosing all the representatives by holding down Ctrl and Shift on your console at that point tapping on every worker. 
  3. Select the year you'd prefer to print T4's for.

In T4 Summary Business Information tab:

  • Enter the Payroll Account Number. 
  • Select the Type of Business. 
  • Enter the SIN number in Owner/Partner SIN. 
  • Snap on T4 Summary Contact Information tab. 
  • Enter the Contact Name. 
  • Enter the Area Code and Phone Number. Enter in Ext if appropriate. 
  • Enter in Position or Office of individual guaranteeing return. 
  • Snap OK.

T4 Box Options will appear on screen.

  1. For each material finance "Salary" and "Conclusion", select the case number to print add up to in T4 Form by tapping on the dropdown list. Leave clear on the off chance that you don't need the sums to print for a particular finance Income or Deduction. 
  2. Snap OK. 
  3. T4 Summary screen will show up. You can alter sums for Employers' CPP Contributions, Employers' EI Contributions, and Other Payments if relevant. 
  4. Snap Print.

How To Setup Sage 50 Print T4 In Summary 

T4's & Summary Will Not PrintSome T4 slip have void boxes, for example, Employer's duty number on the worker slip. Is it accurate to say that you are discussing that? Alright I realize I revealed to you that I was worn out, blah, uplifting news I just printed off my T4's and they look so fine. I had various recommendations from and one woman sorry I ought to have noticed your name before I began this, trust me I attempted them all.  If you don’t have Business Care plan and getting the issue while pulling T4 Summary report, then you can get help with Sage 50 Online Chat team anytime. So I chose to attempt them all again possibly logging off totally when done every recommendation after the last technique of going into the Simply Accounts or perhaps it was all the asking yet something worked. So thank-you the whole gang I am always in your obligation. Cheerful T4 documenting. So realize I have experienced everything Sage guides me to do if I can't print. I took one perusers exhort and downloaded PDF Creator, think about what they despite everything won't print. So we have another PC which our Sage program is spilled to and low and observe they begin printing with one issue. they don't state T4, they are feeling the loss of all the containers and T4's I'm at the purpose of offering up to-day, at that point check tomorrow to check whether any other person is happening issues with their T4's this year.  Error Message T4 summary cannot be printed check your data. The T4 mistake should give you a few pieces of information about where the issue can be found. If not, check your worker records and guarantee that the SINs and different subtleties are right. Test printing some T4s in little clusters to limit it down if need be. Much obliged for the proposals, Brian. I had one SIN issue (yet not in the T-4's I was attempting to print)(we have 2 business numbers). I corrected the SIN issue and afterward signed in as sys administrator (in spite of the fact that I thought I had full managerial rights) (Re the T4 rundown - I 'rectified' the settlements to carry the parity to $0.00 as in the past and figured out how to get a test T-4 to print today at end of day. No mistake message.) Will continue tomorrow and follow up on your recommendation and check the information base re: the settlement diary. Will update you as often as possible. I am additionally getting the blunder message T4 rundown outline can't be printed check your information. I have checked the SIN numbers for each of the three of our representatives and can discover nothing strange. It says I am printing the t4s, however nothing is printing. I am exceptionally baffled with this new form of basically, as it appears to be whenever I've gone in to do anything since my last introduce things are simply not working. 

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